Things to remember to do when it gets really cold

  wee eddie 12:37 02 Dec 2010

Many of us have Waste Pipes that are on the outside of the house. (this includes those from the Loo)

If there is a trickle of water running down one of these it will freeze at the point that it goes through the wall. Nothing such fun as a bath, or basin, full of cold soapy water.

My Tip: Always leave your Basins and Baths with the plug in.

De-freezing such pipes: Use a Hair Drier or a (Hot Air) Paint Stripper to gently heat the top of the pipe at the point (and the 12" below that) where it comes through the wall.

  Quickbeam 12:38 02 Dec 2010

Not forgetting not to eat yellow snow of course.

  Quickbeam 12:39 02 Dec 2010

...well if I didn't say it, someone else would've!

  jack 13:15 02 Dec 2010

On plastic! - Grrreat idea.
If frozen let it thaw naturally.
What could be done how ever is using the loo brush into the bend back and forth as a 'pump and empty buckets of hot water and pump it through.

  jakimo 13:33 02 Dec 2010

Ive never eaten yellow snow,or written my name in it

  wee eddie 13:37 02 Dec 2010

The Hot water idea is a total non starter, as the 'hot' water would never reach the frozen blockage, and just leave you with a fuller toilet/basin/bath.

As to waiting until it de-frosts naturally. Possibly sometime next week, or even longer!

  BT 16:59 02 Dec 2010

A small plastic bag secured with a rubber band over the Cistern overflow pipe will prevent an awful lot of cold air blowing into your bathroom. Its surprising the difference it makes, and it won't stop any overflow escaping if necessary, although if your float is correctly adjusted you shouldn't have any overflow.

  morddwyd 20:04 02 Dec 2010

What was the old chestnut - "I don't mind you writing your name in the snow outside my house, but it's in my wife's handwriting"

(Sorry FE!)

  wee eddie 10:04 21 Dec 2010

My night off, so went out for a wee 'drinkie', just a couple of pints, you understand.

When I got home I logged in here, benefited everyone with my wit and wisdom, cleaned my teeth and went to bed.

-12'C last night ~~~~~~~~ forgot to put the plug in the sink (where I cleaned my teeth) and there must have been a small drip!

So ~~~~~~~ My Waste pipe is now frozen ~~~~~~~~ There's a bath full of lukewarm water and I've got a very red face ~~~~~~~~~~~ after a little self-flagellation, I'm off, with the Paint Stripper, to see if I can melt the ice, on the bend where it exits the brickwork, it'll be cold work as it's about -8'C out there at the present.

I'll report on the effectiveness of my own advice, later.

  spuds 11:00 21 Dec 2010

We had a similar problem last week. Water from the upstairs bathroom wouldn't go down, so checked the waste pipe trap, which was clear, then the copper down-pipe, and found the problem there, so out came the garden gas flame weeder to un-thaw the outside pipe, blockage cleared. (Used hair-dryer on interior pipe-work).

Two days later another blockage, went though the same process and managed to damage the rubber washer on the trap, so down to Toolstation to obtain a new trap (£1.89 Homebase £5.89?), duly fitted new trap. Water still frozen in down-pipe bend. By forcing the down-pipe away from the cast iron outside down-pipe hopper, we obtained an clearance gap and more direct flow. All seems okay now, but whats a mystery is that we have never had this problem before, so it must be colder than normal?.

  namtas 11:27 21 Dec 2010

wee eddie, why don't you just re-washer the dripping tap? it would be less hassle than fiddling about remembering to put plugs in sinks, (which in its self could risk overflowing the basin) or having to thaw out pipes.

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