Things people pack into a suitcase.

  TopCat® 15:37 29 Nov 2008

I see Stephen Fry is off on his travels again to various destinations around the world to investigate vanishing species. He reports - click here - what he'll be including in his suitcase, which I feel will probably cause some alarm bells to sound on a few airport luggage scanners. :o)

How that man finds time to do all what he does is beyond me. TC.

  Cymro. 16:02 29 Nov 2008

"How that man finds time to do all what he does is beyond me. TC".

If I was getting the same pay-rates as he is getting then even I would find the time. Not that I begrudge it to him as he is very good at what he does.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:06 29 Nov 2008

I try to travel as light as possible when working away from home, you can walk miles in some airports :0)

Usually pack 10 - 12 Kg including hand luggage for a week away.
Aside from the usual clothes and toiletries.
A couple of travel adapters

Phone + charger, MP3 player and charger
two paperbacks and phrase book for the particular country I'm travelling to.

work equipment:-
Assorted access keys for loco panels, leatherman toolkit, voltage tester and shorting strap.
usually wear the safety shoes but of course the "toe tecters" set off the security alarm.

Its surprising what you can get through security at some airports.
Bottle of pop I'd forgotten about in the bag at Schipol
Can of coke in bag at Alicante last week.

  Switcher 16:22 29 Nov 2008

Try getting through an airport metal detector with two chromium cobalt hips and metal rods in femurs as I have to.

  tullie 16:41 29 Nov 2008

I have same problem with a prosthetic leg,quite amusing when they ask to take my shoes off.

  Forum Editor 16:46 29 Nov 2008

to do all what he does is beyond me"

One of my son's friends drove Stephen's taxi around America so it was in the right places for him when he was being filmed driving it. She said he's an amazing character, but it's worth remembering that what you see on TV is the result of a huge team of people working away behind the camera.

  Simsy 21:39 01 Dec 2008

are noteable from a luggage perpective. Though I've been many times, to visit and holiday with family in Michigan, usually with a "conventional" luggage load, the three were,

1) Hand luggage only, for a 4 week stay.
2) A suitcase containing 20, (I think it was 20), different bottles of english beer.
3) a Suitcase containing half a motorcycle engine! (That was the best one!)



  Picklefactory 22:46 01 Dec 2008

Once brought back a couple of sets of spanners, a large frying pan and a slow cooker from the states in same trip. At the time the quality and price were miles ahead of what I could get at home. Baggage check was sticky, some serious bag shuffling had to be achieved.

  laurie53 08:21 02 Dec 2008

This is a forces story so look away now if you're phobic.

A friend of mine was monitoring a bunch of RN in Barbados during trials which involved possible contamination with thallium, a pretty hairy substance which required their urine to be monitored.

He had to enter the States through Washington with a suitcase full of quite a lot of large "sample" bottles, and his experience of trying to "import" that on a sleepy Sunday afternoon was hilarious.

The Customs guy was an ex-marine, so had some sort of a sense of humour, and as it was beyond his experience he had to telephone their agriculture department.

Among the memorable lines -

"No, ma'am. UREEN,you know like p**s. (pause) Well I'm sorry ma'am but you didn't seem to understand and it's not really foul language."!

"Yes, ma'am, it's human.

(interjection from Steve, "No it's not, they're sailors").

"No, ma'am I don't see it as funny either, I apologise"

Talk about shades of Bob Newhart.

He got it in in the end, but missed his connecting flight to the UK.

Of course, UK Customs regarded it as perfectly notmal hand baggage for a sailor!

  Switcher 11:37 02 Dec 2008

When I go on holiday half of my suitcase contains female clothes and shoes.

Then again half of my wife's suitcase contains male clothes and shoes.

Each suitcase also contains a large label taped inside with our home address and telephone number.

  TopCat® 15:15 02 Dec 2008

That story made my day! :o)

Some years before the current severe luggage restrictions came into force, we checked in at the airport at the start of a family holiday. I had packed my telescopic fishing rod in my large case and its reel, tackle and other stuff was in a smaller bag inside my hand luggage.

On reaching the x-ray facility my daughter, who was just ahead of me, was asked by staff if she was carrying any of the banned items on the list he was holding. She replied that she wasn't, but she then went on to say that her father had a knife in his bag!

What followed then was a search of my bag and the very sharp and sheathed bait knife produced. The staff measured its blade length several times, as a limit of three inches was then allowed. After some further discussion and several glances at the miffed waiting passengers behind us, they finally let me through.

My blade was just a couple of millimetres over the limit and I made sure I reduced its length slightly when I arrived back home. TC.

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