Things OK at your office?

  TOPCAT® 19:33 08 Aug 2005

Reading this makes me glad my employment took me out and about in the wide, open spaces! Not a computer in sight either. ;o) TC.

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  Pooke 20:21 08 Aug 2005

In my old work one of the management was transferring out to another branch. The staff collected money off everyone and bought him a playstation 2 plus games and alcohol. I refused to donate and was frowned upon for it, I'm glad there's more people like me out there!


  Forum Editor 23:49 08 Aug 2005

Others make you wonder why on earth the survey company bothered to make the effort.

Guess which category this one falls into.

  Kate B 01:14 11 Aug 2005

I know we're deep in the silly season but a press release that crossed the desk I was working on today at a national newspaper really took the August biscuit: its top line was that 36 per cent of motorists use the ashtray in their car to store change ...

You really wonder why they bother.

  wiz-king 04:33 11 Aug 2005

They must be the ones who throw their fag-ends out the window to litter the streets. They haven't read the handbook - and think its a small change holder.

  Stuartli 22:54 15 Aug 2005

Bit like the built-in cup holders on my DVD-ROM and CD rewriter drives - sensible ergonomics, yet I'm one of the few to work out what they are...

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