Things are looking up

  cream. 20:45 26 Apr 2014

After a few years of doom and gloom we finally feel that they might be light at the end of the tunnel. An investment has come to maturity and rather have it bunged in the bank doing nothing with the rest. The upshot is, we have decide to change our 3 year old car for a new one. We have gone for a Peugeot 3008 and ordered one in white.

Anyone else feel the green shoots of spring and improvement. Have you decided to splash out on maybe a special holiday or something frivolous. Or are you finding the going still tough?

  rdave13 21:02 26 Apr 2014

Still tough. Question is, a white car? Just as bad for showing dirt as a black one but not as bad as red for fading to pink.......

  Aitchbee 21:13 26 Apr 2014

Downsizing - is the-name-of-the-game; I've stopped galivanting willy-nillily, by not frequentin' at-all-at-all, any of my local downtown pubs 'n' bookies [ now that I am standin' on my own 2 feet without the monetary aid of 'the safety net' that was once provided by HMS government in the form of welfare benefits up until 1 month ago. ] BUT, I have 'splashed out' on 4 tins of water-based paints [BROWN, RED, GREEN & BLUE] to paint my empty aluminimum beer cans that, at this moment in time, contain this year's sowings of spring onions, chives, little gem lettuces, water cress, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme & others.

  Aitchbee 21:41 26 Apr 2014

... and have only just renewed the stippled rubber bung on the end of my walking stick ... safely MOT'ed, for another year [2,000 miles ... I hope] no probs ;o]

  Aitchbee 22:15 26 Apr 2014

Green shoots may well be possible.

click here

  fourm member 09:31 27 Apr 2014

I'm not sure that there is much of an upturn to spot but that it because I think a lot of the downturn was illusory.

I hope cream will forgive me for using him as an example.

If the new car is to replace a 3-year old then that car was bought, new, in 2010/11. What was the thinking at the time of that purchase? It almost certainly wasn't that 'things are on the up'.

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:20 27 Apr 2014

They had it right in the 70s, when many cars were painted the same colour as the mud!

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:22 27 Apr 2014

"What was the thinking at the time of that purchase? It almost certainly wasn't that 'things are on the up'."

They may have got a big fat discount, with dealers struggling to shift new cars at that time.

  spuds 11:08 27 Apr 2014

"Or are you finding the going still tough?"

From my own viewpoint,some are finding it tough while other's seem to reaping some benefits.

The banker's are still arguing about bonus payments, and the less unfortunate are looking for directions to the nearest food banks. Yet the government seems very undecided on both topics?.

On a person note, I have been shelling out rather a lot of cash lately, mainly on home and property improvements. Which brings me back to the top question, because getting 'trades-people' still seems to be a case of whether the person or the company wants the work or not, usually based on whether the jobs to big, to small or not worth the bother of turning up to quote?.

Perhaps going off topic slightly, but I have noticed the increase of director's being banned from running 'scam' investment company's, and this will be a part of the Queen's Speech in June.

  cream. 11:31 27 Apr 2014

fourm member

If the new car is to replace a 3-year old then that car was bought, new, in 2010/11. What was the thinking at the time of that purchase?

The car is a ford galaxy MPV/van. Daughter was just finishing 'A' levels prior to going to university, one son already at university and other son working around 70 miles away from us. It has been basically a people / possessions shifter. As daughter is now in a long term relationship. Son finished university and settled. Other son moved once and now settled we no longer need a load or people carrier. We have a 3 year warranty but it has had it's problems, mainly electrics and the way it goes through tyres So rather than shell out on possible future problems, though touch wood it has been fine for the last year, it's time for something a bit smaller and more economical.

  cream. 11:37 27 Apr 2014


Question is, a white car?

I picked engine size and trim level. Wife picked colour. They were 5 exact model cars in the compound ready to be prepared for delivery. 3 were white, 1 dark blue and the other bright red.

We had a mondeo in 1996, in white. No problems keeping it clean.

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