Thin end of the wedge?

  hssutton 10:12 23 Mar 2014

Should Muslim women, certain children and non-believers in Allah in the UK be denied equality?.

According to what I've read this morning in the Telegraph it would appear that this will happen. Personally I find this to be almost unbelievable and very, very disturbing.

Islamic Law in the UK

  Forum Editor 10:56 23 Mar 2014

"The guidance, quietly published this month and distributed to solicitors in England and Wales, details how wills should be drafted to fit Islamic traditions while being valid under British law."

If a will is valid in law it seems to me that there's no argument. A person is free to bequeath assets as he or she sees fit, and anyone who doesn't agree with what is in a will may contest it in the courts. If a will satisfies Islamic traditions and at the same time complies with British law there doesn't appear to be much anyone can do about it.

  fourm member 11:12 23 Mar 2014

'Clients in England and Wales can legally choose to bequeath their assets according to Sharia rules'

Law Society press release announcing new practice note for solicitors.

So, it is not true to say 'this will happen' because there is nothing new here. It is just a way of assisting solicitors to write wills that meet the law and their clients' requirements.

So, when the Telegraph journo says 'Currently, Sharia principles are not formally addressed by or included in Britain’s laws' he is wrong because, by default, Sharia tradition on inheritance is lawful.

Funny how no-one started a thread about 'Christian beliefs should be 'accommodated' under law – top judge'.

  hssutton 12:43 23 Mar 2014

FM not like you to be selective and take things out of context, conveniently you leave out the text that's not to your liking.

I wrote "According to what I've read this morning in the Telegraph it would appear that this will happen". Not as you put it "will happen". A not so subtle difference.

  fourm member 13:01 23 Mar 2014

I could have simply quoted 'will' and it would have been completely valid.

My point was that there is nothing to happen. The law already allows people to write wills in accordance with Sharia law if they wish.

Your worry about people being denied equality already exists.

But, how do you change that? You can't dictate who people can leave their money to. Should the slightly dotty aunt who leaves all her money to a cats' home when her niece is unemployed be stopped from doing that?

At heart this is a complete non-story but the Telegraph is happy to give it a run and stir up a bit of Islamaphobia.

  spuds 13:29 23 Mar 2014

Living in an area where there are a very large community practicing the 'Faith of Allah', I can only say that Sharia Law is alive and well, and used by many of those believer's. Family traditions are paramount, especially were laws consists. So will this make much difference, I very much doubt it.

Perhaps going off subject slightly, but can anyone explain in easy to understand language and terms - Equality?.

Because from my experiences, Equality can and indeed does favour more than others. The same applies to discrimination, and there is even a chapter in the Human Rights about this. But you try telling some people this!.

  wiz-king 13:38 23 Mar 2014

To mis-quote George Orwell - All humans are equal, but some are more equal than others.

  Aitchbee 14:28 23 Mar 2014

Some non-Christian religions 'allow' a man to legally have several wives ... so, as those women appear [to me, anyway] to be 'cheap as chips' then obviously they can be 'treated like dirt or ten-a-penny' when it comes to any inheritance from a WILL made by the domineering spouse. Just my opinion, folks!

  Aitchbee 14:32 23 Mar 2014

Missed out the word simultaneously! from last post.

  spuds 14:37 23 Mar 2014


Its not classed as domineering, but possibly a tradition. Perhaps sounds the same, but it isn't always!.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:46 23 Mar 2014

What is "Law" some thing that is socially acceptable?

Law changes from country to country, society to society, what is acceptable here is unacceptable somewhere else and visa versa.

Perhaps we need a few simple human laws acceptable to all societies.

Wasn't there 10 of them produce awhile ago carved on tablets of stone?

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