Thieving allowed under health and safety rules.

  gengiscant 12:35 17 Aug 2010

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I shall this afternoon prior to making the evening meal, nip out and rob a bank using a stolen motorbike as my getaway vehicle. Obviously I will not be wearing a crash helmet so will not have to worry about the local plod.
If the enterprise is as successful as I hope it will be,I am thinking of forming a club or 'gang' to perhaps make robbery using this getaway method a regular pastime.
All those interested in joining the 'gang' please post CV.

Joking aside, this article is having a laugh,I been asleep for months and its really April the 1st.

  wee eddie 13:03 17 Aug 2010

But I think that both The Police and a Householder should be allowed to use some level of force to detain a miscreant and that anyone thought to be in the process of committing a felony should lose some of a normal Citizen's Rights.

Where to draw the line. Now, there lies the rub!

  gengiscant 13:22 17 Aug 2010

I believe if any person has broken into my house any force is OK and I keep a suitable implement for inflicting the force close to hand. As far as I am concerned the 'miscreant' as you call them relinquishes any rights of any nature, once he or she has broken into my house.

  interzone55 13:29 17 Aug 2010

This is yet another example of people being afraid to act for fear of an insurance claim.

The sooner we ban no win no fee ambulance chasers the sooner we'll all start to be responsible for our own safety rather than forcing others to watch out for us.

I was talking to my girlfriend at the weekend about my scouting days back in the 80's. I'm not sure any of our activities would be allowed now. How about british bulldog, or the game were one person was armed with a tightly rolled up newspaper and had to hit as many people as possible in a minute, or jumping off a 30 foot abseiling wall, unsupervised, with nothing but a rope and a pair of socks on our hands to protect us. Or abseiling down a 150 foot hole to collect golf balls from the bottom to sell back to the golf course. Or camping on our own by a fast stream, with a 4 pack of carlsberg cooling in the stream tied to the back of the tent, or when we went hunting rabbits for tea, or using 14lb felling axes to cut down trees for firewood.

Oh them were the days, and it did me no harm (except for the dodgy knees from hitting the ground sooner than expected, or the time I hit a knot in a log with the 14lb axe and dislocated my shoulder)...

  DippyGirl 13:30 17 Aug 2010

That will also save you from having to take it off before you go into the bank !!

  johndrew 13:53 17 Aug 2010

I would have thought it was in the public interest to ensure that such scumbags found a suitably mature tree and struck it with lethal force. Much cheaper than arrest, trial, prison (if space could be found), probation, benefits, medical treatment .....

Unless of course those concerned were all part of the gang to be formed by gengiscant ;-)

  Pine Man 19:28 17 Aug 2010 'experts' leave me speechless!

Well nearly.

  spuds 00:07 18 Aug 2010

I wonder if the same 'pursuit' guidelines apply to helmet-less mini/midi motobike riders ;o)

  ridicle 00:16 18 Aug 2010

I would of presumed they would have had tracker systems on the bikes

  Kevscar1 05:31 18 Aug 2010

The sooner we ban no win no fee ambulance chasers the sooner we'll all start to be responsible for our own safety rather than forcing others to watch out for us.

Which would mean I would be sat here cripled for the rest of my life with no chance of getting compensation from the NHS which might allow me to go abroad and have an amputation and artificial hand so I can work again.

fourm member
In my day there was no such thing as health and safety. Chases ended when you caught them or they got away.

  interzone55 17:18 07 Sep 2010

Well one of the scrotes was killed at the weekend after crashing into a van whilst sans helmet. I feel sorry for the van driver who has to live with this...

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