They use money too!

  Curio 18:35 02 Nov 2006

click here Cash drop

  rodriguez 18:44 02 Nov 2006

I wonder how many pound coins that used...and how long it took to set up. I'd be funny if they got right to the end and someone set it off by accident... :-P

  rdave13 18:51 02 Nov 2006

Must be more difficult to set up rather than use dominoes. Great video, thanks Curio.

  lisa02 19:14 02 Nov 2006

10,000 rodriguez it says it on the video.

Excellent vid.

  Confab 19:36 02 Nov 2006

More like £200 and lots of camera shots put together. In any event I wouldn't mind clearing up the "mess" afterwards!!

  lisa02 19:40 02 Nov 2006

Nor me!

  NIGEY 19:46 02 Nov 2006

How on earth are these items come across ,I mean did you google "coin drop"?
Just wandering thats all.

  rodriguez 20:02 02 Nov 2006

Sometimes if I'm bored I'll put "I'm so bored" in Google and it comes up with all sorts of mad things.

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