They have started Panic Buying in Notts.

  peter99co 17:20 11 Jun 2008

Fuel Queues!

Could not get near Sainsburys to-day to shop.

  barca1 17:31 11 Jun 2008

1 in 10 garages to possibly close isnt a reason to panic buy BUT i would stock up if only i knew i was traveling far...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:47 11 Jun 2008

Notts is a big place and I have been travelling round the south of it all day and have seen no evidence of queues.

  peter99co 19:37 11 Jun 2008

Must have been a local panic. Just take a bit of a queue and off they go.

  g0nvs 19:41 11 Jun 2008

My local Tesco in Notts has sold out tonight I noticed.

  lofty29 19:53 11 Jun 2008

As Jonesy would say "Don't panic, Don't panic", the mentality of some of the british public sometimes amazes me, it must be something to do with qeueing in the last war for the rations

  laurie53 19:57 11 Jun 2008

No-one was thinking of panicking until the Government advised people not to panic!

  Colin 19:57 11 Jun 2008

Travelling around today I didn't notice that the petrol stations were any busier than usual. If they weere elsewhere, then the media must take some responsibility for this. Their headlines say fuel tanker strike then only much further in to the article do they say that it only concerns Shell tanker drivers.

  micky d 23:30 11 Jun 2008

Today on Radio 1 news i heard an interviewer ask a guy queing up for petrol at a local shell garage in Truro if he was panic buying.

He answered: I wasn't intending to but i saw a goverment advertisement in the newspaper which was urging people NOT to panic buy. Naturally, this caused me to panic.

  barca1 00:56 12 Jun 2008

This all reminds me of XMAS its a BOOOM to the shops then bang!!!

The three days that the supermarkets stay closed (Maximum) are now open..WTP..???

  Quickbeam 09:16 12 Jun 2008

Once the initial panic of everyone that normally only has a quarter tank of fuel in their car and fills it is over, there will be a glut until they've used their 3 months supply of a full tank... then the next crisis will panic them into doing the same again.

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