They have missed some Peers then!

  peter99co 19:06 25 Jan 2011

HE said it had been a common practice among peers to claim for fake journeys and enter expenses claims with a false address as a main residence, and he believed it was acceptable to do this provided there was a "family connection" with the property.

Common practice among peers? He should let us know who they are then!

Eddie Tang, part of the legal team which represented Taylor, said his client was "devastated" by the verdict.

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  DippyGirl 01:23 26 Jan 2011

I can maybe understand ( I cant but I am simple soul and these are the people who are charged with contributing to the running the country - so are probably distracted by higher issues - yeah!), if you have 1 2 or even 3 addresses, figuring out which one is your primary one - and so the basis of any claim - but when it's not even your property surely it's blatant snout-in-the-trough (SITT??).

.... and aside from any criminal issues, is there not also tax avoidance if an expense isn't an expense?

  Kevscar1 07:35 26 Jan 2011

Of course he is going to claim there were others. Anything to try and get away with it or reduce his sentence.

  HondaMan 11:46 26 Jan 2011

"Summing up, Justice Saunders said Taylor was undoubtedly a man of good character" Reaslly? If he was such a man, he would not have lied about his expenses.

If this government wants to retain credibiulity, Taylor should be stripped of his title, he is after all a convicted criminal.

  Woolwell 12:10 26 Jan 2011

I don't think it's as easy as that (stripping a title). Lord Archer is still a Lord.

  spuds 12:12 26 Jan 2011

This particular person was a fully qualified barrister and legislator, yet didn't seem to understand simple rules regarding making claims. I think that about sums things up nowadays.

The other point is that he as stated that he is devastated, and his life is in ruins (or his legal team stated that!). But hasn't that same line of defense been stated many times in the past, by other well educated and well known people?.

Regarding the peerage and other forms of public recognition, then if this follows others who have been found guilty of certain offenses, then it will not make a jot of difference.

I still wonder why Lester Piggott was relieved of his title, in a very speedy fashion?.

  peter99co 15:21 26 Jan 2011

He claimed he had made the false claims "in lieu of a salary", and had been acting on the advice of colleagues.

Don't they have a wage? I do not get that at all.

  jakimo 15:42 26 Jan 2011

'If this government wants to retain credibility, Taylor should be stripped of his title, he is after all a convicted criminal.'

The current law doesn't allow their lordships titles being taken away..It was included in Cameron's 2009 agenda to change this law,but now hes PM he don't seem to have much to say on the matter,apparently the Queens permission would be required,as she knighted them in the first place

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  spuds 15:50 26 Jan 2011

I think that you may well find that MP's are a bit like your local councillor's. They get 'allowances' which in all probabilities covers a wage, but not the supposed wage for the job?.

My own area local councillor's get a starting allowance of over £8.000 per year, then further allowances on top of that for holding committee positions and 'chairs', plus other allowances for special needs. The councillor leaders of some areas can accumulate a fair reward for their 'voluntary' work. Something that the general public might not be aware about!.

Another point to these type of 'work', is the fact that many contacts can be made, which may prove more beneficial in later times.

When you come to think about it, it isn't all that bad a life?.

  peter99co 19:33 26 Jan 2011

"When you come to think about it, it isn't all that bad a life?."

He just had to feather his nest a little to much.

I wonder if his advisor's are looking over their shoulders now, or has the trail gone cold?

"many contacts can be made, which may prove more beneficial in later times."

You mean the "you scratch my back and I will scratch yours type"

  Woolwell 20:51 26 Jan 2011

MPs get a salary, most members of the Lords get allowances but not a fixed salary. The allowances are not taxable. See click here.

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