They don't like it and had some choice words

  jakimo 20:57 17 Aug 2009

when they learnt it may cost them as much as £75 a throw without warning,that was the response of Birmingham shoppers as shown on the BBC Midland news when on the spot tickets were issued to those that preferred dropping fag ends on the footpath rather than using the refuse bins,apparently there are 9 councils introducing this as a new bye law in the coming weeks

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  DieSse 21:15 17 Aug 2009

Perhaps they might care to try the same tactic with the "chewinggummers" - I couldn't believe the state of some town centres last time I was in the UK.

All I can say is it won't cost them a penny if they dispose of their c**p properly.

  Quickbeam 21:20 17 Aug 2009

Typically they just do it without a sufficient public awareness campaign and just dump the new enforcement onto the public with the subtlety of a ton of bricks... just like when they decided to enforce speed limits rigidly.

But I wonder if they'll have the stomach to enforce anti-social laws against the louts that drink and cause a frightening nuisance on the streets?

  Armchair 21:23 17 Aug 2009

I don't like when the driver in front chucks his ciggie out of the window, either. Smokers are scum, lol.

  Bingalau 21:35 17 Aug 2009

DieSse. You are absolutely right about the mess made by gum chewing idiots. Not only do they spit it out anywhere, but they also think nothing of sticking it under bar tables and chairs, also on the seats of trains, where it neatly transfers to people's clothing. carpets also seem to be a target and any bit of furniture that happens to be around. At least dog ends can be got rid of, but pavements cost an arm and a leg to clean.

  Quickbeam 21:40 17 Aug 2009

Don't they give summary floggings in Indonesia for depositing gum that way?

  jakimo 21:55 17 Aug 2009

Such schemes are full of good intentions,but what happens when the ticket issuer is no longer supported by a pc,he will probably end up in A&E and the scheme withdrawn as being impracticable and un-enforceable

  spuds 22:50 17 Aug 2009

The fines for dropping cigarette ends in my hometown have been in force well before Feb 09. In fact two people were taken to court through not paying the fine.

Yet this same council admits that not one fine or prosecution as been given for dog fouling offences, and it not for the shortage of enforcement staff.

Only recently, I asked why it was that council contractors who empty the wheely bins,or council workers can leave litter and make no attempt to clean up any litter or spillage they have done, are not prosecuted or repremanded. Strange how things go terribly silent, because the question should never have been asked perhaps!.

  DANZIG 23:22 17 Aug 2009

If they want to really make a point and possibly be in the right place at the right time, why not have these enforcement officers and their back up in the form of the local constabulary outside pubs and night clubs?

This would surely be better than wandering around the street catching some previously innocent person wandering along the road and (maybe accidentally) dropping their cig end on the floor.

It is of course easier to get fines and personal information out of a sober, innocent, decent individual walking along rather than drunken morons making everyone's life a misery...

...or am I being cynical??

  Chegs ®™ 06:07 18 Aug 2009

I would be happy were these fixed penalty notices be issued here(although they are available to our council,only 1 person has ever been done & that was squashed as he was only the driver and it was his passenger that had lobbed his butt out the window)

Our council stated the chewing gum removal machine was knackered(probably due to excessive use)and ever since,the street outside pub/clubs has a thick layer of gum,bus stops have gum with butts mixed in,suppose it saves the highways dept repairing pavements damaged by the numb parking.

(and I'm a smoker,but I roll my own so any butts I disposed of in an ashtray outside would break up & wash away in the rain were they to be blown out)

  Noldi 06:12 18 Aug 2009

"It is of course easier to get fines and personal information out of a sober, innocent, decent individual"

Hear Hear

All the problems they have and they pull this one out the hat. Surly getting knives off the street must come higher up the list than fag ends?


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