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  crosstrainer 13:06 05 Aug 2009

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Irrespective of political persuasion, sex, age ethnic origin....Who here would consider a female Prime Minister?

Hope this isn't too close to the knuckle on FE rules!

  crosstrainer 13:12 05 Aug 2009

The Comments made today.....Bad typing (I blame the lappy myself :))

  Charence 13:18 05 Aug 2009

click here would be more up to date?

  lotvic 13:23 05 Aug 2009

IMHO it is not a question of if male/female Prime Minister. It is the person's suitability and ability to do the job that should be considered.

  crosstrainer 13:27 05 Aug 2009

I agree, that's why I placed the caveats on the post....

The Telegraph is not the most politician friendly publication anyway.

Point was, and this will probably be locked now..

Mrs Thatcher?

Saying that if Leman Bros. Had been Leman Sis.

Does strike me as a bit inane to be honest.

  dagnammit 13:28 05 Aug 2009

IMHO it's the leader picked by the party with the most MPs.

If Labour has the most MPs and picks her as leader then that's who becomes PM.

We have nothing to do with it, except for voting for your individual MP obviously.

  crosstrainer 13:56 05 Aug 2009

Forget the system for a moment, what do you think?

  lofty29 15:12 05 Aug 2009

What I would dreed would be another maggie thatcher, who in my opinion started the entire greed, devil take the hindmost, culture in the first place, the only good thing she did as far as I am concerned is give the EU a good kicking.

  spuds 15:20 05 Aug 2009

If the next prime minister is female, then so be it. But in my own view they must be capable of doing the job, and not put there for someone elses means or agenda.

Politics in this country wants a very serious rethink, and selection by area committees is not the way forward.

Over the years, there as been countless suggestions of a possible good female prime minister, but time as always shown, that some of these selections have fallen at one post or another (Edwina Currie!). The same can be stated about males as well. How many leaders have the Conservatives or the Liberals had over the past years, and how many of those have had a real feel for the publics view and opinions. Just ask yourself that simple question, and then lets perhaps return to the thoughts of a complete rethink for British politics and who will serve the nation the best.

  donki 16:26 05 Aug 2009

Does it really matter who is PM? Its the party that makes the legislation and the ministers that are in place at the head of each department. IMO the PM is nothing but a puppet and a face for the party. A PM doesnt write his own speechs, he doesn't reply in person to any corespondance and he doesnt draw up legislation on his own, so should it really matter if a woman is PM?

The only difference between TB and GB is TB was confident and could comunicate exceptionly well.... oh and he knew when to get out before the you know what hit the fan.

  oresome 17:33 05 Aug 2009

I would have no problem with a woman being chosen by her party as leader if she was the best person for the job.

Those that remember Thatcher with dread need also to remember the state of the country at the start of her office with the unions having too strong a hold and inefficient nationalised industries being used to mop up the unemployed.

We need PMs that reflects the mood of the country and as the mood changes, so must the leader.

You can't really judge the success of a PM outside the situation in which they worked at the time imo. Of course they sometimes carry on too long and what was seen as a strength at first becomes a weakness.

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