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  TOPCAT® 21:09 27 Feb 2006

There I was this morning, a very happy pussycat sitting in front of my gleaming newish PC. I had shut it down the night before with all cylinders firing and not a care in the world.

Today I powered it up as usual with its peripherals switched on and was horrified to find the wireless mouse cursor move as though through treacle and the wireless keyboard not functioning normally. Had to keep pressing individual keys constantly before they responded. A quick check found nothing obviously wrong so I reset receiver frequencies to the desktop set again. Made no difference whatsoever!

I managed with a struggle to finish the article I needed printing off, sent it to the printer and then ........nothing! That didn't work either! I was gob smacked and panic began to set in. I then unloaded and reinstalled the printer drivers which was a waste of time too. Several long, agonising minutes later I found the answer. With the bright sunlight streaming through the window onto my printer I hadn't spotted the tiny light on the cartridge empty indicator panel. A new colour cartridge later and all was normal again.

I had used the printer yesterday and there was definitely no indication that the cartridge was empty when I switched it off. It surprises me that such a state of affairs could affect the keyboard and mouse as it did. You live and learn as they say, but the moral of this story is one should definitely keep calm, methodically check things out, eradicate anything out of the ordinary, if found, and then panic if nothing is!! :o)) Or, as everyone should know by now, call on the Helproom angels for deliverance!! :o)) TC.

  rmcqua 21:27 27 Feb 2006

I'm delighted that your problem was resolved and I agree with your calm, methodical theory. However, I can't for the life of me understand how the empty printer cartridge could affect the wireless mouse/keyboard performance. If I were a betting man, which I'm not, I would bet a reasonable amount that there was another problem, but what???

  wiz-king 21:55 27 Feb 2006

chance that you have a USB printer. They are a curse that cause more trouble than they are worth, bring back parallel printers.

  TOPCAT® 16:45 28 Feb 2006

It is a USB printer and the keyboard connection is USB. It just goes to show that this fact alone should have rang alarm bells within yours truly, but it failed to register with me at the time. Ah well, you live and learn, as they say!

Has anyone else had similar frustrating experiences with their electronic gadgetry? Who dares own up to overlooking the obvious - I promise I'll keep your secret safe! :o) TC.

  MidgetMan 20:44 28 Feb 2006

What, like the time I spent hours trying to get a pc at work going, stripped it down, re-seated everything etc only to find thet the power off switch at the back had been set to off!!!, kept that one quite from the boss, just pretended I had fixed it.!

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