These forums are better than telly!!!!

  cleet the don 21:09 02 Aug 2006

Hiya folks, just thought I'd like to say these forums are better than telly lately. I've been in there once or twice for specific answers I needed, but never really just sat down and had a read. I was looking at the helproom to check out some answers I might have questions for, as I was about to dive into the bowels of my 'puter, and got totally engrossed in the threads. It's even more entertaining when a couple of knowledgable people end up arguing (but very civil)about how things will work, totally off track to the original question. Brilliant entertainment, or I'm just getting a sad old git, but I'd like to think the latter. Just an idea for PCA Exec's, why not buy a freeview station and do a telly version of mag, with the forums as a phone-in (using Voip, naturally). Now wouldn't that be something to watch!!!!

  watchful 21:21 02 Aug 2006

as I've often thought there is some rich script material on here.

  josie mayhem 21:35 02 Aug 2006

I wonder what the equailvant of Richard and Judy or Phil and Fern would be in the tecci world?

And of course the signiture tune could be the same as the childrens cartoon Inspector Gadget!

Would the presenters have to wear wolley jumper or not?

  rdave13 21:44 02 Aug 2006

"Hiya folks, just thought I'd like to say these forums are better than telly lately"

What do you mean "lately"...This is it..

  rdave13 21:46 02 Aug 2006

PS I'm not I'm not addicted to pca at

  Kev.Ifty 21:51 02 Aug 2006

FE 'N' Gandalf....


  De Marcus™ 22:00 02 Aug 2006

So which ones Judy then? ;-)

  SG Atlantis® 22:07 02 Aug 2006

Gandalf already has Judy hair...

The FE and G, Live at Five.

....A realistic view of the real world, Meh!

  WhiteTruckMan 22:35 02 Aug 2006

Depends on which one has a fallin out first...<g>


  Kev.Ifty 22:46 02 Aug 2006

Which one is Judy? Richard is the handsome rugged one that all the Ladies like and Judy has blond hair.... erm!

There again Judy is the 'nice one' and Richard can be quite acerbic at times.

I don't know!

No offence meant to G or FE..

Best wishes Kev.

  wolfie3000 22:48 02 Aug 2006

richard does sometimes act like an over excited child if that helps to work out who is who? lol

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