These Cuts Are Terrible

  morddwyd 09:24 10 Mar 2011

Scottish councillors meet to discuss the forthcoming cuts at a five star hotel.

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I know all the good things about value for money, and combining several functions etc., but have they no conception of public perception?

Can they not see that even people like me, the most liberal and fair minded bloke you could ever hope to meet, view this with a somewhat jaundiced eye.

  spuds 09:40 10 Mar 2011

I don't know why you are moaning about this. It is happening all the time, especially when the large available board room or speaking area is open to options. But then you don't get a comfortable bed with waiter service, while looking important, and saving the world from disaster.

Last year, four of our local councillor's went on a global warming fact finding expedition to the Indonesia. It was only due to a bit of public outcry, that the four managed to reduce their expenses and allowances. The results of the fact finding, have yet to be put into print.

This is not an isolated case!.

And the hard thing to stomach, is these same councillor's are due for re-election in the local May election procedures, and they will all be voted in again, by a trusting electorate?.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:41 10 Mar 2011

So, there is not a single room in the council offices that could have been used. These councillors are so out of touch that it is laughable and they deserve all the ire directed at them....morons.


  alB 09:51 10 Mar 2011

George Osborne's quote of “We are all in this together”, makes me wonder who the "We" actually are, GANDALF <|:-)> has it spot on ....morons ...alB

  userious? 10:36 10 Mar 2011

SHUT-UP and keep paying your taxes.

  john 52 10:47 10 Mar 2011

Maybe this may be more appropriate and Lenny Henry may entertain them as well for free ?

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  jakimo 11:00 10 Mar 2011

“We are all in this together”,

Does that include the Scotland who go their own way whenever it suits them.

Just one example... free Uni fees for Scots and foreign students but not for English students,yet 2£billion is poured into Scotland's coffers by the UK taxpayer.

It could be said that they have got the Council they deserve

  peter99co 16:44 10 Mar 2011

I understand members of Derby Council are having a conference in the South Of France. Is it because it is a bit warmer down there an saves them putting on the heating in the council chamber in Derby.

The council recently approved budget cuts of almost £25m, that could result in 530 staff job losses.

  spuds 16:58 10 Mar 2011

Only 530, if you checked around the country, you may well find that some councils are suggesting figures in excess of over that mark.

My two major local council's are suggesting 'upto' 1500/2000 each over the next three year period, and possibly more.

But I would suspect this is politically motivated, telling the public what a terrible coalition government we have. No mention of the previous governments spell in office, and all the money wasted there?.

  johndrew 17:00 10 Mar 2011

All of us (well the majority anyway) have the option to consider those who wish to be Councillors in Local Government and vote accordingly. Many people either don't bother or vote for their 'traditional' party - not necessarily the right thing to do in local politics. As a result many of those who complain about the Council policies have brought it on themselves.

I believe it is worth looking at how the prospective applicant conducts his/herself, their aptitude and the manner they manage their own money. After all if they offer to be every ones friend, make promises they obviously can't keep and have no control over their own finances, how good are they likely to be as a representative of my values? Probably a bit like those identified by morddwyd?

  morddwyd 17:02 10 Mar 2011

"free Uni fees for Scots and foreign students but not for English students,"

That has nothing to do with the Scots, but is an EU directive.

It is perfectly permissible to discriminate against English Welsh or (Northern) Irish students, because these countries, like Scotland, are not members of the EU.

Foreign students, as opposed to EU ones, do have to pay full fees.

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