These are troubled times

  Forum Editor 19:02 23 Jul 2007

for lots of our forum members - many of whom will be faced with flooded homes, no fresh water supplies, and in some cases no power. Thos with no power obviously can't login and tell us about it, but let's all spare a thought for everyone who lives in a flooded area. It must be awful to see dirty floodwater swirling around in your house.

Our thoughts aren't of any practical help whatsoever, but it might provide some psychological comfort for those forum members to know that we sympathise with them.

  egapup 19:13 23 Jul 2007

The last time i read a post about flood damage most people showed no sympathy at all for the poor sods with no insurance.

  sunny staines 19:19 23 Jul 2007

watching the river closely,our bit never flooded before but all neighbours in a panic about some sort of swell making its way like a tsunami bulge flooding the towns as it goes along. Not sure if the press have hyped it or not but pictures on the news are a big worry.

the weather forecast said another storm like last friday is over central france heading our way, lets hope it drops its load before it gets here.

  Forum Editor 19:28 23 Jul 2007

I invite you to explain to me what possible relevance your comment has to and expression of sympathy for people who have been flooded.

You might do well to spend less time trying to score cheap points. Whether or not someone has insurance cover, it's possible to feel sorry for them in these circumstances.

  mammak 19:33 23 Jul 2007

It must be terrible for all those people whom are experiencing these awful floods my thoughts and sympathies to them all.

  sunny staines 19:34 23 Jul 2007

its not if you have insurance now or not most will have. but will you be able to get any next year and if so will the cost rocket for those near rivers.

  denali 19:35 23 Jul 2007

Forum Editor: Correct me if I am wrong but you appear to have missed the word "not" from your last sentence.

  Forum Editor 19:38 23 Jul 2007

Your neighbours have probably heard of the possibility of a floodwater 'bulge' - something that happens when a lot of rainwater enters a river very rapidly. The river level rises extremely fast as the 'bulge' flows downstream. 'Tsunami' isn't really a proper description of what happens.

  denali 19:44 23 Jul 2007

Forum Editor Sorry! Read it again

  Bingalau 19:45 23 Jul 2007

sunny staines. I don't think we are in a place that will flood, (fingers crossed) but we all sympathise with those of you who are having to live with it. If it's any consolation I don't doubt that our insurance premiums will also go up. I also wonder if the insurance companies will be looking for "get outs" like they do with medical insurance etc. Let's hope not. By the way I still have not seen any appeals on TV for financial help. Always quickly asked for when there are problems abroad. Another thing I can't understand is why these people trying to better themselves by coming to this country from places like Poland or India, think this country is better. If it was me I would say to myself "Blimey! floods; transport problems; strikes; terrorists etc. I think I shall go elsewhere".

  Jak_1 20:19 23 Jul 2007

My thoughts go with those who have been flooded, I have relations in the Worcester area and wonder how they are coping with it.
We regularly used to get floodwater from the Mersey as our garden is part of the flood plain, so far this year the new flood defence seems to have worked. They raised the height of the river banking by 2 feet and so far so good, fortunately the house is on ground slightly higher. Two farmhouses half a mile away regularly use to suffer in the floods. The only ones to get upset around here now are the golfers when the sluice gates are opened to utilise the flood plain and th links become flooded.

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