These Are Great Past Pop Stars...but the concert ticket prices are too steep...

  Aitchbee 20:56 17 Nov 2011

...averaging out, at about 50 quid a seat.

Don't they know there is a recession on.

  Forum Editor 22:51 17 Nov 2011

"Don't they know there is a recession on."

I'm sure they do, but what has that to do with what the concert organisers charge for tickets?

  Condom 23:01 17 Nov 2011

The British business culture is to charge the maximum they think people will pay while many other cultures charge enough to make a small profit and make their money through increased sales. You take your pick but I know which I prefer.

The last game at Wembley was an example of high prices which people couldn't afford after a game a few days before so the place was half empty. Would it not have been better to have had cheaper prices and got a larger crowd to create an atmosphere for the players and also make more money from ancillaries like beverages and also added to increased income on buses, tubes etc?

Also might I suggest that the TV cameras switch sides as surely there can be nothing more embarrassing to the FA than the cameras pointing at all these empty eats in the posh bits as people don't came back after half time or don't turn up at all.

  interzone55 08:43 18 Nov 2011

New Order are playing a show in the London Toxie in a few weeks, tickets were £32.50 plus "Booking Fee" (my pair of tickets cost me £72.80 from Ticketline, including £2.20 "handling charge", they were posted second class, so that's £1.92 profit just on the stamp) and sold out in 5 minutes. Tickets are now being resold on ebay for upwards of £150 a pair.

The same happened with the Stone Roses, tickets were £55 each, 150,000 of them sold in around 15 minutes, are appeared on the reselling sites immediately for £100 each or more.

There's a demand for gig tickets, and if the bands see touts making a fortune they'll choose to take as big a cut of that money as they can.

There's some will say why go to the gig when you'll be able to buy the DVD of the show sooner or later, but even with a huge plasma and surround sound you don't get the atmosphere of a good gig.

A fortnight ago we saw A Night With James three times, a fantastic band on their own, but with the Orchestra of the Swan and the Manchester Consort Choir they were on another level entirely. Songs you know so well sound fresh and new. The singer Tim Booth stepping out into the audience, serenading audience members whilst standing on the back of their chairs (including Peter Kay one night), or singing the encore whilst straddling the balcony rail - you just don't get the true essence of the show from a TV screen

  Autoschediastic 11:41 18 Nov 2011

Its the same as footballers wages, they are silly prices but then again the price wouldnt come into it if you wanted that much to see your favorite artist, £50 is ott though in your defence AitchBEE! who was it you was going to see?

unless people stop buying the tickets they will stay the same price so they must be people shelling out for them..

  Aitchbee 11:51 18 Nov 2011

...Barry Manilow..May 21 in Glasgow..I might still be going.

  Quickbeam 12:03 18 Nov 2011

Supply and Demand

The Red Hot Chili Peppers were about 50 quid in Sheffield Arena this week, Paul Jones's Blues Band are about 15 quid at your local civic.

If all the Stone Roses tickets were face value at £150 per pair, they probably wouldn't have sold out. There will always be someone that will pay silly £s to a tout rather than have the tedious bother of having to queuing up.

You takes your choice and you pays your money...

  Quickbeam 12:06 18 Nov 2011

Anyone remember the old days when you actually had to queue with a wad of cash?

I once spent 11 hours in a queue for Led Zeppelin tickets, and didn't get one at the end of my wait!

  NewestRoyWidd1 12:37 18 Nov 2011

Quickbeam;For a couple of years in the early 1960's I never paid for concerts at our local venue.My girlfriend at that time worked in the municipal box office and got me complimentary tickets.

Do you remember the days of package tours?I saw the Stones when the Barron Knights were on the bill,Also Cliff and the Shadows with Susan Maughan etc.

I ended up working at the hall many years later and got to see everyone for free anyway.

  Aitchbee 12:42 18 Nov 2011

QB - Your Time is Gonna Come...

  Aitchbee 13:57 18 Nov 2011

I'll be going to see Barry, after all.My girlfriend purchased two tickets for 60 pounds inclusive of postage and booking fee.

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