There's lucky......Then there's *really* lucky

  WhiteTruckMan 20:20 20 Apr 2009

click here

More jam than hartleys, and the best of british to him too!!


  peter99co 20:32 20 Apr 2009

Has he put his old hat on Ebay? He has had to use his friends hat now.

  perpetual motion 21:02 20 Apr 2009

Thats enough reason for me too of asked for a move away from there!!!

  Brumas 23:36 20 Apr 2009

If I send him the money I wonder if he would buy my lottery ticket for me, lucky blighter :o)

  BT 07:49 21 Apr 2009

Doesn't say much for the quality of protection afforded by the helmets. From what I can see the bullet struck at a very shallow angle and I would have thought it would have been deflected not gone straight through.

  laurie53 08:18 21 Apr 2009

Helmets are not meant to be bulletproof, and never have been.

They simply give some protection against flying battlefield debris and spent fragments, and boost confidence.

To make them bulletproof, particularly against modern high efficiency and high velocity small arms fire, would make them so heavy as to be unwearable.

  jack 08:39 21 Apr 2009

True, as stated for local protection only
Many these days are not even metal, but resin impregnated fabric-Tanker crew - or even plastic[Kevlar]

  natdoor 09:50 21 Apr 2009

He may be the luckiest soldier to have been hit on the helmet by a bullet but I think those not hit were even luckier.

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