There's A Big match Tonight...

  Quickbeam 09:19 20 Oct 2007

click here In case anyone was unaware:)

I've had about 4 hours sleep of the shallowest sort, I will have to keep myself busy all day to keep my sanity.

I had hoped to get the train to Paris with a few friends and watch there, but what with the last minute rush for tickets with no discounts and the threat of a French strike, good old Blighty will be OK.

So go on boys, You believe, I believe, We believe... the scent of gold is in the air, and the winner will take all!

  techie4me 11:48 20 Oct 2007

What is Celeb Come-Dancing on the Beeb that big then?

  Bingalau 12:27 20 Oct 2007

There's an even bigger one on this afternoon as far as everybody in this area is concerned. The local derby match between Everton and Liverpool. Being an Evertonian since the days of Dixie Dean I am of course hoping for a good win for us. But even more I am hoping there is no misbehavior to spoil what is usually a good family day out. The weather looks to be ideal and kick off is about half an hour away... Come on you blues!!! I will be shouting for the England rugby team tonight of course. But this is more important than that by a long chalk.

  newman35 12:56 20 Oct 2007

Indeed - in my childhood Ted Sagar was 'the man', and was my idol - hence my days as a goalie.
And the actual toffee is good, too.

  g0slp 14:22 20 Oct 2007

Nice one Bingalau - COYB!

Come on England tonight too - beer's in the fridge ready...

  Stuartli 14:24 20 Oct 2007

Actually there's a big match going on right now...:-)

It's 1-1 at present, but my side are down to 10 men...:-(

  tullie 14:24 20 Oct 2007

Be nice to get it over with,though if England are fortunate enough to win,we will not hear the end of it,just like the 1966 World Cup.

  Bingalau 14:29 20 Oct 2007

Stuartli. Yes I see the ref's on their side again. A blatant dive to me and Gerrard should have been sent off, not Hibbert... Maybe the ref will yet realise he's made a cock-up and even it up by sending one of theirs off. Mind you we should still be able to beat that lot with ten men.

  hkvic 16:13 20 Oct 2007

Good luck England - ignore all the snipers, whiners, moaners and sour grape eaters.

  Kaacee 16:43 20 Oct 2007


South Africa 23 England 9

  Stuartli 17:37 20 Oct 2007

I'll not bother watching then....:-)

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