is there REALY any point in working..!!

  hijo 15:41 30 Nov 2006

as most of you all know i work but its part time as iam busy doing other things (like been on pca.:-))
ive just applied for help towards our rent as its £75 per week..loooool some of you must pay 3+times that per week lol anyway up here in yorkshire its a very average rate for a basic house,anyway ive just had a letter from the housing office stating they WONT help us towards our rent due to the fact that i have £247 per week coming in & thats with child tax credit/my job & child tax,iam working (although contracted to 17.5 hours) around 30 hours per week to get the £247 per week income,ive broken it all down to explain that whats the point in me working here goes:
In work:
out goings
£75 + £10 (arrears) Rent
£10 per week poll tax
travel to work via busses £10 per week
food for work £10 per week
Total £125 so £247.52 - £125 =£122 per week..!!

Now lets look at it when I wasn’t working:

Out goings
Rent (arrears) £5 per week
Then theres the normal things like gas/electric which don’t seem to exist in the decisions made with the housing office,
My incomings when iam out of work:
£70 per week benitfit,now times that by four £280 per month,so I get £280 per month for NOT working against £490 I get from work making a total differance of £210 for working….would you work for £210 per month…!!! making us just £50 better off as they wont help us towards our rent..
& please bear in mind i work at the other side of our city & using a car is a nightmare so iam forced to get buss'es an hour b4 i start the shift...

  Jackcoms 15:46 30 Nov 2006

The point seems to be that you'd rather be a waster drawing benefit rather than a useful member of society working for your living.

Or have I missed something?

  hijo 15:55 30 Nov 2006

not at all i didnt say i wanted to be a "Waister" as you put it,its more so a dig at the way goverment legislation encourages people into work,& iam sure theres not many people on this forum that are working for £50 per week,please be carfull with your "vocabulary" as NOT everyone thats unemployed are "Waister's" as you put it sometimes its simply NOT worth people working that have families & or also theres ther situations people have health issues that prevent them from working,so please have a "OPEN" scope about this issue,i posted this "post" to ask people's oppinion's not to tell people iam a "WAISTER" iam not, i AM a educated person that has done EVERYHING ive wanted to do in my life baring 2 things (but thats another story)i see your point of just been out of work to scam the system & been lazy BUT thats not my style or where i want to go,

  rodriguez 16:04 30 Nov 2006

I'm unemployed and I hate it. I sit here all day bored and any jobs I go for they don't want me because I'm 19 and they go for the older ones with the experience now. I must apply for nearly 10 jobs a week, but they're hard to get if you don't have the experience and just starting out. I just filled out a form for an apprenticeship, so I'll see if I get somewhere with that...

  hijo 16:08 30 Nov 2006

when i said i was educated i didint mean that anyone unemployed was a idiot..!!! sorry for that..!!!
maybe iam not so inteligent..:-)

  anskyber 16:25 30 Nov 2006

Yes there is hijo. I can understand why you ask the question and obviously it's easy for me to adopt a view on it because it's not me involved.

If you can work then, without wishing to sound puritanical about it, there's more there for you as an individual than staying at home. You are being honest about it as well rather than trying to pretend and claiming support to which you are not entitled.

The key point for me is I am in favour of the right sort of financial and other support being given to those who need it. In exchange for that support I expect people who can support themselves either directly or with top ups to do so. It helps to deal with the "waster" issues and quite frankly keeps my taxes at a level where I can be more certain that I and other tax payers are not being taken for a ride. So please carry on!

  The Brigadier 16:26 30 Nov 2006

Been employed since leaving Uni, never had a day unemployed.

  The Brigadier 16:29 30 Nov 2006

Get down to your local HM Forces Recruitment Office, sign up for 3 years and get to see the world. It's not all about getting your hair cut you scruffy layabout.

  rodriguez 16:35 30 Nov 2006

I had my hair cut today, how did you know? ;-) Oh, and as for being a "scruffy layabout", if you saw a picture of me (click here) you'll see there are far more scruffy people about than that. Also, if I was a layabout, I wouldn't even be trying to a job - as it is, I apply for them all the time.

  namtas 16:35 30 Nov 2006

Well you did ask, Get down to Skipton or even more adventurous Leeds and check out the job opportunities, find another 30hr part time job to add to your existing that will give you a further £250 next look for an evening job to fill in what spare time that you have that will add another £100. Very quickly you are earning £26,000 a year, free of the rat race; you even get to be a net contributor to the system and get to fill a tax form in.
you might not realise it but you have never had a better opportunity to go do your own thing, you have nothing to lose but some sweat. Dont wait for someone to come to your rescue, take charge and do it.

  The Brigadier 16:37 30 Nov 2006

Have you thought of doing a few free IT courses or seeing if the Job Centre can help you get a bit more training in what you want to do?

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