Is there a name for it?

  dagbladet 09:28 13 Sep 2007

I was trying to describe somebody last night, I was attempting to describe that trait whereby people claim to have absolutely no knowledge of some thing that they believe to be 'below' them. Like if somebody mentions David Beckham, or Big Brother for example, they will go. "who's DB?", "what's BB?" as if they have some kind of inbuilt ability whereby something they consider something too 'low brow' it cannot penetrate their consciousness. I used to do it myself until my daughter pointed out that I was making myself look a bit of a pompous berk (bless her).

Anyway, is there a name for it?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:54 13 Sep 2007

/sarcasm....similar to calling The Sun a 'comic for adults' which is spot on or referring to The Jeremy Kyle Show a 'formal interview for the mentally ill and DSS claimants which is also rather accurate.


  ventanas 09:59 13 Sep 2007

Who's Jeremy Kyle?

  dagbladet 10:02 13 Sep 2007

Nice one ventanas;-)

  natdoor 10:06 13 Sep 2007

Some might call it intellectual snobbery or elitism.

I would call most examples of feigned or genuine ignorance of much of popular culture good taste. But I do know about BB. Who could forget her films?

  dagbladet 10:07 13 Sep 2007


That's not quite it. What i'm referring to is exactly what ventanas did, albeit with his tongue jammed firmly in his cheek.

  dagbladet 10:09 13 Sep 2007

"intellectual snobbery"

ooh, that's just the phrase I needed.

  Seth Haniel 10:48 13 Sep 2007

'Common sense' sprang to mind ;)

  dagbladet 11:09 13 Sep 2007

Seth Haniel

Don't get it.

  v1asco 11:19 13 Sep 2007

perhaps aloofness or being aloof
definition >>>

click here

  Pine Man 11:21 13 Sep 2007

I had a 'friend' who never watched commercial TV. He could, and often did, hum most of the tunes from well known adverts!

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