Is there a market in fake batteries?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:10 26 Sep 2006

I ask because I see Duracell batteries for sale at £1.50 for either 4 AA or 4 AAA.

In the shops they are about a pound more expensive.

Is it a case of caveat emptor or are they likely to be the genuine article?

  Sethhaniel 14:29 26 Sep 2006

may be a case of cancelled export order - where they are sold off at a reduced cost -

The famous well known 'razor blade' case in the early 70's were a consignment to Saudi Arabia was cancelled and was sold in the UK at a reduced rate - and actually a reduced quality to those which normally were on sale-

  Cymro. 15:23 26 Sep 2006

If you are a heavy user of batteries then it is not worth the risk, as I assume you have to buy in quantity. If you are not a heavy user then it is not worth the saving.

  def90csw 15:36 26 Sep 2006

Some are sold at cost just to get the money back on them. ASDA seem to sell them cheaply and Which? magazine did an article recently on good cheap batteries.

  Diemmess 15:42 26 Sep 2006

If there isn't a fake Duracell market then it must be almost alone among well known brands of almost anyything.

Mark-up on price ex-factory must vary enormously because even in this small country town Duracel AA can vary as much as 100% depending where you shop.

I hate to admit it because our TESCO is about as small and unexciting as they get, they do have the cheapest batteries.
Even then I had to summon some remaining powers of mental arithmetic to realise that two of their twinpack AA was slightly less than one of their date limited bargain packs of 4.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:05 26 Sep 2006

More or less what I suspected - no one very sure...

I rarely use such batteries and when I do they are bought with the rest of the shopping in the supermarket - it's just that I was a little surprised when I saw the price in the local market this morning.

  Diemmess 17:58 26 Sep 2006

I wonder if your

  Diemmess 18:08 26 Sep 2006

... May as well finish.
Nearby town has a market on Saturdays.
You know the sort of thing, anoraks, toys and "surplus tools".
For a while I could buy Kodak AA Nickel Alkaline packs @ £1 for 4.
Uncertain date and very variable life expectancy!
First purchases were fine, later ones - rubbish.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:30 26 Sep 2006

Where I live there is a market Tuesday - Sunday and has everything you might want (and lots of things you certainly don't want!) and it's there I saw the batteries this morning. That's all the guy was selling and it made me wonder...

  spuds 20:31 26 Sep 2006

Just completed a quick Google search, and it would appear that there are 'Fake' Duracell batteries about. One article about some well known brand fakes click here

  it_girl 21:37 26 Sep 2006

My friend works in Trading Standards and he informs me that branded counterfeit batteries have been around for years.Likewise beware some famous brands of toothpaste (red box) and toothbrushes.

Just recently, there are the very blunt and very expensive razor blades(III!!!) circulating.
This may be one of the reasons why the blade company has just introduced a new style razor(V+1).
With French perfum don't be fooled by the sticker saying 'Tester' on it!
Many DVD blank discs are also fake and the list goes on,including aircraft parts and auto brake linings.
At least no one is trying to counterfeit XP or Vista.They simply copy it!

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