Is there an aversion to doorbells?

  jack 16:56 15 Sep 2008

Very often when a stranger comes to our front door
The rattle the letter box or rap with their knuckles on the window- yet there is in plain view a bell push- illuminated.
Wonder why they do not use it?

  peter99co 17:11 15 Sep 2008

I have a Brass Lion door Knocker and a Clearly indicated White bell push and have the same problem. The Express Delivery drivers do use the Knocker though.

Timid knocks on the wooden panel of the door are the normal. I think they want to get your attention but not really ready for who might answer the door and shoo them away.

It is the reason they are knocking that may give you a clue. Do they want you to buy something or deliver something.

I rang a bell at a neighbours house and they thanked me, saying please come in, we don't have many visitors.

  Jim Thing 17:13 15 Sep 2008

I have two family members whose doorbells are inaudible to anyone (i.e. me) on the front doorstep If I knock on the window or rattle the letter box I don't have to wonder whether the bell is working or not.

  tullie 17:20 15 Sep 2008

Its because people think that they may not be working.

  Quickbeam 17:21 15 Sep 2008

I knock as well as press like Jim Thing, as if I don't hear the bell, I think maybe it doesn't work.

I personally think there are more people with an aversion to putting a house number on their new pvc doors:, you try finding a house number in the dark nowadays:)

  exdragon 17:22 15 Sep 2008

I was expecting a delivery a while ago and as there are 2 bells on the door, one on each side, I put a large notice saying 'Delivery for (my name), this bell, please' with a large arrow pointing to my bell which also has my name on it.

Good job I was looking out of the window when the delivery man walked up and very quietly tapped on the door. As I live on the first floor, I had to yell out of the window to him to wait until I could get downstairs.

  peter99co 17:28 15 Sep 2008

Bells and chimes were in the hall in the past, many still are. I think the point made about the user not hearing the bell/chime nowadays is valid.

My sister had a bell which never rang. She asked one day why the person at the door had not rung it. They had. She found the battery was dead.

  alB 18:08 15 Sep 2008

I wish the taxi drivers around here where more like you, they just sit outside with the engine running beeping their horns, bloody annoying at half one in the morning !! ...alB

  pj123 18:08 15 Sep 2008

It doesn't have to be strangers, my local postman bangs on the door. I have a perfectly good working bell, why he doesn't use it I don't know.

I put it down to lack of intelligence.

  Legolas 18:15 15 Sep 2008

I thought it was just round our way his happened.

We also have a bell in plain view but invariably when someone comes to he door they knock with their knuckles and if we have the telly on it is usually loud (deaf father and reason I bought the bell)and the knocking is difficult to hear. Can't really give a reason. If I go to someone's door and they have a bell I always ring it...well that's what its there for aint it?

  spuds 18:23 15 Sep 2008

It appears that it is a growing disease for delivery people. We have three doorbell buttons with clear instructions to use all three, because they are linked to different parts of the property.

Found a non-delivery card in the porch, and apparently the delivery driver 'had tried' to make a delivery. As the time on the card was only a few minutes earlier, we rang the depot to see if it was possible to contact the driver for a re-delivery. Apologies no can do, it will have to be tomorrow. Next day the doorbell rang, and we received a large size box, which had written all over it in black felt pen- "Sid, use all three doorbells, you idiot". I think the message got through that day!.

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