Is there any truth in this?

  wolfie3000 07:12 16 Oct 2007

Iv been told that fitting a blue lightbulb where you use your pc can reduce fatigue and eye strain,

Is it a load of old bumkum or does it really help?

  [email protected] 07:44 16 Oct 2007

maybe one of these would be better if your a nighthawk
click here

  Monoux 08:35 16 Oct 2007

I believe here is /was something called a daylight bulb, this was slightly blue in colour and often usedc by needleworkers to apparently to show threads in true colour

  laurie53 09:49 16 Oct 2007

If there was anything in it I should think it would be included in the Health & Safety Executive's recommendations for computer workstations, and it isn't.

  crosstrainer 10:08 16 Oct 2007

Is to have the light source behind you, and not on the desk or pointing in your face.

  bjh 12:25 16 Oct 2007

A daylight bulb can be more restful on the eyes, and does give a "whiter" light. We sometimes fit them in our labs where people are reporting headaches. These guys spend a fair amount of time staring down microscopes, then peering at computer screens. Striplights are unpopular because of their slow flicker rate. Daylight bulbs seem to be very controllable on dimmer switches.

Craft shops, model shops and smaller electrical retailers sell daylight bulbs. Some garden centres have similarly-named products, but these are very different (unless you want to grow Cannabis behind your monitor!). I don't know of an energy-saver version....

  spuds 13:34 16 Oct 2007

Have you thought about the lights used in photographic work and some computer/monitor sectors. A nice tone of red works wonders.

Energy saver bulbs seem to give different glows in my opinion. Blue, orange tinges to name but two in the main, just cannot get on with them.

  Forum Editor 17:24 16 Oct 2007

to what's called a full-spectrum lamp. These lamps look blue when they're not lit, but give a very natural 'daylight' illumination that some people find helpful.

You can buy desklamps with these lamps in them, but the real McCoy - as used by people suffering from SAD - can be expensive.

  Blackhat 17:35 16 Oct 2007

Unless I need to look at something else I work in the dark, hence the keyboard.

click here

  Forum Editor 23:14 16 Oct 2007

Definitely not good for the eyes. I had one of those keyboards once, but ditched it pretty quickly - my optician warned me against working like that.

  wolfie3000 23:16 16 Oct 2007

Ok when i said blue lightbulb i meant as in an ordinary bulb painted blue,

They do exist as i own one.

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