There is 1 wish concering my postings

  josie mayhem 23:52 23 Aug 2006

When I check My Postings, I find that I have to not only have to remember what date I posted to that particular thread, but also need to have a reasonable idea what time I posted to the said thread...

It would be nice that when checking your posting that not only does it gives the date of the last posting, but also tells you wheather someone has posted after you last posted

  sean-278262 00:42 24 Aug 2006

I have to admit I asked for this myself in my very very very early PCA days when the questions were for help in general. It would make the site much easier to use and plus could target resources of those providing help. FE any chance of this happening. It is annoying in active threads where in the time you post there can be 10 or so others have posted also and you have to recheck the thread just to be sure when you get back to the main forum base folder.

  Altruist 19:15 24 Aug 2006

by jotting down (pen & paper, remember that!) the time of the last post I made then, in my postings, I know I have to read anything later than that. There is a scrap-pad here full of PCA timings, and the date of course. Without my little list I'd never know how to keep up.

  Forum Editor 19:36 24 Aug 2006

for each of the various ways that people have told me they use to organise their forum posts.......I would have a lot of fivers.

Every time we add a new gizmo to the forum structure we add a server overhead, and with thousands of people accessing the threads at any one time even a small enhancement can slow the delivery of forum pages.

In the past we had lots of complaints about slow-loading, and we tackled that. Since we revamped the forum I think you'll agree that performance has improved very considerably, and we want to keep it that way.

  Altruist 19:58 24 Aug 2006

with that as this forum is now the fastest one I visit. Vast improvement. Thanks.

  powerless 22:55 24 Aug 2006

I always see people, me, you and everyone else talking about the "server".

But is PCA just on the one server? On across several...

  Forum Editor 23:20 24 Aug 2006

We're running on a nice new server since we did the site changes, but everything's mirrored, so we run on several machines.

  sean-278262 18:11 25 Aug 2006

I have been a mod on several fora in the past 2 years. Moved on from them but one site was much larger than PCA is and was using at peak times about 35% of a P4 powered server and wasnt much slower than this. Would it not even be possible to get a tick button for users to get emailed about a reply?

  Forum Editor 18:31 25 Aug 2006

You will be emailed by default when you get a response to a thread you posted, unless you tick the option not to be mailed.

"one site was much larger than PCA"

I'm wondering which one that might be?

  VoG II 19:24 25 Aug 2006

I think Creature of the Nite meant for others than the thread starter to get an e-mail. This is possible on some other forums - on MrExcel by default any thread that you post to is considered a 'watched topic' for which you receive e-mails. You can make any thread a watched topic even if you don't post to it.

This can be both an annoyance and a benefit so I don't have any strong views about implementing it here.

  Forum Editor 19:37 25 Aug 2006

Thanks for the clarification, and my apologies to you, Creature of the Nite, for misunderstanding your point.

My own view on this is that we have managed pretty well so far, and although I'm certainly not in the business of saying 'never' to anything (except avatars and smileys), I'm not sure that it's a desirable thing to have automated emails flying around every time someone posts to a watched thread. I think it's better for people to login and check the threads they want to watch. That way they might see something else that interests them.

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