Themes for windows

  Mark McC 14:30 21 Dec 2006


i am getting sick of the windows xp theme and i was wondering if there is a way of getting themes onto my laptop without intstlling 3rd party software

Mark McC, Merry Christmas

  Jackcoms 16:13 21 Dec 2006
  Kate B 17:45 21 Dec 2006

click here

click here

click here

I'm using Royale Noir, which is nice. The Zune theme is very like it but has quite a lot of orange bits and pieces which are a bit hard on the eyes.

  Mark McC 22:42 21 Dec 2006

Thank's Jackoms i have windows plus and Kate B i am running windows xp Media center 2005 lol i like the zune theme so thank you.


  lisa02 22:52 21 Dec 2006


  facepaint 23:21 21 Dec 2006

For a change of desktop background have a look at MS New Zealand.I love the Wellington Harbour mood. click here

  €dstowe 06:49 22 Dec 2006

When I'm sitting at a computer, I, it or both are doing something. When I'm not using the machine it doesn't matter one jot to me what the background wallpaper or the screensaver are showing as I'm not sitting watching it.

  facepaint 12:54 22 Dec 2006

€dstowe ,come on I bet you don't think that when you put on that fancy tie or suit when meeting a client?

You know the value of good packaging.

Sometimes I have 2 or 3 computers running at home and it is therapeutic to view a cool background.

  €dstowe 22:22 22 Dec 2006

My whole career depends on good packaging. In fact, my whole career is little more than good packaging and the creation thereof but, when I'm meeting clients in my "fancy suit and tie" all the computers they see are busy working away at some project or other. Not a screen saver or fancy wallpaper to be seen!

  facepaint 13:34 23 Dec 2006


  facepaint 13:49 23 Dec 2006

I was just going to say (ops clumsy finger) that I have just finished building my young daughter a computer for Christmas.

Do I give her a plain old coloured background or a much loved Bratz one? click here

Or maybe a FTSE or DOW background? You guessed right.

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