Thatcherism is Back!

  morddwyd 08:29 28 Jan 2012

Security for the London Olympics is to be tested in Glasgow

It's the Poll Tax all over again!

I su8ppose they had to get it done before Tommy comes out on Monday!

  birdface 09:36 28 Jan 2012

Wonder how many cans of beer or knives they find.

Seems logical Olympics in london and Security in Scotland.I suppose the English football clubs wanted nothing to do with it.

  spuds 10:10 28 Jan 2012

What is this 'test' going to prove?.

Its a bit like telling people where the event is going to take place, before the event!.

Most senior league football grounds (and other important establishments), already have various plans available to them, in case of eventualities!.

  Snec 11:17 28 Jan 2012

Thatcher? Poll Tax?

I can't see the connection. Can someone please explain?

  Pine Man 11:29 28 Jan 2012


Thank god - I thought it was me!

  Woolwell 11:34 28 Jan 2012

Snec, Pine Man - I cannot see the connection either.

  badgery 11:46 28 Jan 2012

Snec,pineman, woolwell

I took it to be comparing the way that Thatcher used Scotland as a 'trial ground' for the infamous 'Poll Tax', and now the Olympics are doing similar.

It seemed that a Scottish game was being used for security trials for the Olympics - but, as fourm member pointed out, the original supposition appears to be incorrect (and ,mischievious?).

  Woolwell 11:53 28 Jan 2012

badgery - Thank you.

  bremner 12:07 28 Jan 2012


Locog and G4S are not normally responsible for security at any Olympic sites. Of course they would want to have test runs before the real thing.

  spuds 12:43 28 Jan 2012

fourm member/bremner

The point that I was trying to make, was the fact this exercise as been advertised, including informing the entrance points to the ground!.

Private contractor's are being involved, which is possibly similar to using 'stewards' at present day events. I do believe that at present, there are a number of issues, regarding radio communications, or at least, that is what is being aired South of the border!.

When there are 'grudge' matches, then the local police force, usually involve other area police forces, including using specialised teams from their own force and elsewhere (present or stand-by). This also involved other agencies and establishments. Possibly as a point of interest, as to my previous occupation, I can say "I have been there, done it and have the T-shirts to prove it!".

fourm member. reference to your link, then perhaps this might add further to that?. I saw the Bradford fire (11 May 1985) unfold on television. as I did the Hillsborough crushing incident (15 April 1989). Since then (hopefully)some lessons have been learned!.

  spuds 17:57 28 Jan 2012

fourm member

The whole point of these exercises are to 'test' for failures on previously consulted plans that are already drawn up. No point in advertising the fact that turnstiles x,y,z are the test points, especially to someone perhaps with evil contents. Surely that defeats the whole point of the exercise?.

Its a bit like on a weekend night, when police officer's 'invite' some possible 'suspected' clubber's to pass a mobile screening device. The person(s) carrying the weapon or whatever, isn't going to accept the invite, but they might, if they were not aware of events taking place!.

As I mentioned earlier, there have already been concerns regarding radio communications. Since the Kegworth air disaster on 8 January 1989, when radio communication were extremely poor between various bodies, things have improved considerably, but recently (I believe) some Met officer's have raised further concerns or alarm bells!.

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