Thanks Sir Terry Wogan

  Bingalau 12:58 07 Sep 2009

I will miss you on the radio in the mornings. I am not very happy about the replacement lined up to take over from you at all. But then I just don't like change. I must be nearly old enough to become one of your "TOGS".... (Down Brumas, there's a good boy).

  Bingalau 13:03 07 Sep 2009

Sorry forgot the link, here 'tis click here

  ened 13:28 07 Sep 2009

I used to like him but now I think he is a simpering hypocrite.

I haven't listened to him once since discovering he has been paid £12,000 an hour to host Children in Need all these years.

Having said that I do remember his style and I'm afraid there will be a mass exodus of listeners if they go ahead and make Evans his replacement.

Surely they could have found somebody more mature?

  eikonuj 13:44 07 Sep 2009

What are 'TOGS'? The radio is always on but never radio 2. TIA

  johndrew 13:46 07 Sep 2009

TW great for the mornings, CE fine for Drive Time. I really am unsure that CE early in the morning is a good move; a bit loud and abrasive for me.

But then the Radio 1 brigade are moving toward Radio 2 so I suppose such change will occur; probably as it did over 30 years ago when TW took the slot. Perhaps it is nearly time to migrate permanently to Radio 4!!!

  ened 13:51 07 Sep 2009

Terry's Old Gits/gals

  interzone55 16:54 07 Sep 2009

Wogan isn't paid £12,000 an hour to host Children in Need.

He is paid a fee directly to his management company. This fee was £9065 in 2007. Seeing as he puts in far more than the 7 hours that the program is on, basically working all year for the charity, I don't think it's an exorbitant fee.

  Forum Editor 16:59 07 Sep 2009

Terry Wogan grates on every nerve in my body with his smug, 'see the twinkle in me eye' humour, and I'm looking forward to Chris Evans taking over. He'll do a far better job, and I'll be able to listen to Radio 2 in the car without wanting to hit the radio and keep on hitting.

  Chegs ®™ 17:06 07 Sep 2009

I listen to lots of radio,initially only R1 but when the Friday Rock Show ceased so did my R1 listening.I dont recall when I switched to R2 for my listening as I wasnt tuning in to R2 for very long before switching to a local radio station.Now,I only tune in to R2 if the local station starts to annoy me by playing the same half-dozen songs every hour(especially through night)or is experiencing technical problems resulting in the news being mixed with other sounds,or as happened recently,everything was echoing dreadfully & totally unintelligable.Since I now have ADSL,I listen to lots of online music so my broadcast listening is dropping to virtually nil.

  Quickbeam 17:08 07 Sep 2009

I'd like to see Chris Evans keep his teatime show, for purely selfish reasons, I don't listen to breakfast radio, but I listen well into the evening while I surf with TV coming second these days.

  ened 17:18 07 Sep 2009

It doesn't really matter how much he is paid. The fact is he has taken a (pretty high) salary whilst urging us to donate. Do not forget ALL the other performers/celebrities even the camermen/technichians etc, give their services gratis.

What was particularly galling to me was the fact it was a secret and the information had to be inveigled out of them, as if they anticipated the outcry.

Whatever he was being paid, people have a right to feel cheated when they thought ALL their donations were going to the good causes.

Anyway that is just my opinion. I used to like listening to him, in the seventies, on my way to work and I thought he did a good job with his early evening chat show. Possibly he has outstayed his welcome although his many listeners obviously disagree.

Shows what an old fart I am because when he is on I switch to Radio 3!

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