Thank you Mr Chancellor!

  Jak_1 14:56 17 Apr 2008

Having just recieved my advice of payment for my Forces pension I note that this month I am worse off by £5.32. This includes the pension rise from April 7th. All due to the 'peoples party' Chancellor scrapping the 10p rate of income tax. Next month will show a slight increase because the pension rise was a good one, so I will be better off by £5.12/month, approx £1.28 per week (not even the price of a pint of beer!).
Now given that the forces pensions are far better than the state pensions, how in this world are those who only recieve a state pension going to fare! There is only one way, increased benefits ie housing benefit and council tax rebates ect.
It shows that this government clearly does not give a damn about it's older folk. Guess who wn't be voting for them in the next general election!

  belfman 15:03 17 Apr 2008

"It shows that this government clearly does not give a damn about it's older folk."

It also shows they don't give a damn about the 5 million (I read this figure recently) odd working folk who earn under the break even point of £18,500. They do care about the votes of the bigger earners who's getting a Tax cut!

  anskyber 15:08 17 Apr 2008

They woke up to this far too late.

I am always prepared to try and understand the reasoning for things but the 10p tax adjustments defy reasoning.

Yes, I realise there will be other things people can claim, working tax credits, family supplements and the like. Having taken all that into account there are still some who will be worse off and they are mainly the young who have no family anf the retired who cannot claim other reliefs.

It is a truly staggering thing for a Labour government to do. (Stuartli will be pleased to read this)

  bremner 15:19 17 Apr 2008

The Labour party would ever have introduced such a policy. Keir Hardie will be turning in his grave.

Thank you New Labour.

  Jak_1 15:28 17 Apr 2008

I fall well under the £18,500 bracket, I survive on my forces pension and claim no benefits and live with my 92 year old mother.
Getting help for her has been a nightmare, the family pay for her home help as the council state she is not entitled to any help whatsoever except for housing benefit and council tax rebate.They will not even with mobility! She does get the standard things like the winter fuel allowance and her tv licence is free however.
As I am single and living with mother they do class me as a lodger however and scale my council tax contributions that way.
It makes me wonder just how those pensioners who live alone get along.
It also seems that the government are determined to make as bigger gap as possible between the low earners and those of middle income! It must be a financial nightmare for young families with low incomes. The chancellor has kicked them right where it hurts in their bid to get the votes from middle England!

  Ancient Learner 15:46 17 Apr 2008

I totally agree with your view.
One thing though, It has nowt to do with the cardboard cut out, and all to do with G. Brune. He will never let go his control of the brass.
Note that Ed Balls left the treasury, only to be replaced by his wife - quite what those two have I can't fathom - everything that she has tried in past ministries has not succeeded, so I have to assume that G B finds it easy to control her.

  bremner 15:51 17 Apr 2008

If the weekend papers are to be believed Ed is Gordon 's heir apparent so can't upset their puppet master.

  oresome 16:39 17 Apr 2008

Reducing the 22p rate to 20p was a party conference headline grabber.

Abolishing the 10p rate paid for it.

To be fair, those over 65 will have received an extra tax free allowance this year as compensation, but this still leaves low earners, early retirers and many women who have a retirement age of 60 at present, caught in the trap.

  K_elt 18:27 17 Apr 2008

Unbelievable that a supposed Labour government could change tax rules to the detriment of so many low income people. Its no good thinking you will be able to get other benefits either, such as additional Tax Credits. These benefits are based on the GROSS income, not NET so no additional help other than what you already get.

  CurlyWhirly 10:12 18 Apr 2008

I'm one of the low earners on less than £18000 and guess who *won't* be voting for Labour anymore!

I've been a lifelong Labour voter all my life too.

  bremner 11:20 18 Apr 2008

What must be understood is that Labour were unelectable as there was no way the middle class would vote for them.

New Labour repositioned itself away from the left and introduced policies that would appeal to the middle class. This has successfully elected three consecutive New Labour governments.

Brown knows that his chances of winning the next election ride on convincing those middle class voters that they should stick with him. Reducing their income tax is only going to increase his chances.

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