Thank you Ireland

  hssutton 16:37 13 Jun 2008

Ireland reject the Lisbon treaty

Thank you Ireland, for at least temporally stopping the EU bandwagon. Hopefully by the time this comes around again we will be allowed a referendum.

What are your thoughts?

  johndrew 16:41 13 Jun 2008

Amen to that on both counts.

  birdface 16:58 13 Jun 2008

Totally Agree.We were told that we would be able to vote.We wan't our Vote now.

  sunny staines 17:14 13 Jun 2008

good news, the irish went where brown bottled again.

  dth 17:14 13 Jun 2008

They must be mad!

  natdoor 17:17 13 Jun 2008

No need to have a vote here now. Of course, there was never a case for one. It will now mean that a lot more time and money will be spent in resolving how to make it possible to run the EU with so many member states.

It should be noted that neither France nor Holland, who rejected the Constitution in referenda, was holding a referendum on the Lisbon treaty and there were no significant protests in either country. I see this a very sad day for Europe.

  The Brigadier 17:21 13 Jun 2008

Gordon Brown will never win a general election and his time leading new labour will be short lived. Most MP's now realise he really is part of Old Labour, so strikes becoming more common will be a part of daily life until Brown calls a general election.

By then he & Labour will be yesterdays party!

  anskyber 17:33 13 Jun 2008

It's not dead, and I'm glad it is not. Europe is our future and you can be sure that the proposals will reemerge.

  Forum Editor 17:36 13 Jun 2008

"We wan't our Vote now." Our vote on what?

Ireland's rejection is a bad result for Europe .

  Forum Editor 17:46 13 Jun 2008

"It will now mean that a lot more time and money will be spent in resolving how to make it possible to run the EU with so many member states."

Yes, it will, and I'm puzzled by the fact that so few people seem to understand that.

  bremner 17:51 13 Jun 2008

This government were elected on a manifesto promise to put the decision to a referendum and when it came to it, knowing full well and good that they would loose, did not do so. making every excuse as to why it was now not required.

Yes it will re emerge but when it does we may have a government that puts such constitutional decisions directly to the electorate.

We voted to join a Common European Market NOT a Federal Europe.

A bad result for Europe but a great result for the UK.

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