Thank you FE

  namtas 12:02 28 Jan 2007

On many occasions members of this forum have debated and on occasions displayed very strong beliefs and views on price fixing, excess profits, suspect profiteering and possible suspect cases of corporate greed, the latest issue is one running at the moment, not always was this view seen as acceptable or even a fair comment to some, poo pooed by a few and belittled by others.

How then refreshing to read today, Peter Thomas's open comment and the challenge to Microsoft on Vista price UK, I take my hat off to him, thank you.

  p;3 12:26 28 Jan 2007

the thread I thought it might be on , it isnt; can you link to it?

  bremner 12:38 28 Jan 2007
  Bapou 12:39 28 Jan 2007

Not a thread, News click here

  The Brigadier 14:08 28 Jan 2007

What Microsoft have done with their pricing approach to Vista has driven some customers away to Linux. And expect more to do so when they realise Vista is not the bee's kness's it's been hyped to be.

And Yes well done FE on your comment.

  Totally-braindead 14:47 28 Jan 2007

Agree its nice to see the FE taking a stand against Microsofts ridiculous price policy.
I'm sure there will be a minority of people who move to Linux but it'll be small numbers to the likes of Microsoft and I think its unlikely it will have much impact. And whos to say that Vista will not be the bees knees, only time will tell that one.
Personally I'm happy with XP, it stable and does all I ask of it.

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:52 28 Jan 2007

Prices may come down in time, especially if Microsoft's high asking prices result in very slow retail sales.

BTW, Ebuyer are selling Home Premium OEM, 32 bit disk only, for £66.49, post free.

  polish 15:03 28 Jan 2007

its about time someone spoke out about the price of operating systems and software etc its not only microsoft this is a issue that needs addressing tax etc does not make up the sometimes huge price differences between countries

  jackhass 17:08 28 Jan 2007

Microsoft doesn't have a monopoly - there are other operating systems and other Office suites available. The fact that Microsoft has by far the biggest market share is a reflection of the work that has gone into developing and marketing the software over the years. Nobody handed the world to Microsoft on a plate - there were plenty of competitors around in the early days.

The fact is that - despite what some people would have you believe - nobody else has succeeded in developing an operating system that even comes close to Windows in terms of useability. Apple have tried, and the latest versions of MacOS are very good, but they still have only a tiny percentage of the market.

Anybody who came up with a cheaper, better alternative to Windows would be a billionaire almost overnight, but there's no sign of it happening. Vista's code runs to tens of millions of lines, and there's nobody with the time, money, or expertise that would be necessary to develop a viable alternative.

I see nothing wrong with a successful company like that making billions of dollars in profit. That's why people run companies, isn't it, to make profit?

  alB 17:15 28 Jan 2007

I agree with your comments totally, the main argument would seem to be the price difference for the product here and in the US ...alB

  Stuartli 17:40 28 Jan 2007

But such price differences can be found for all manner of products and services - the US has a vastly larger market place.

However, the British have long been the subject of maximum profit opportunities for many companies, despite the fact that so many products these days are vastly cheaper in real terms than five or 10 years ago.

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