Thank you Amazon,Goldfish and Parcelforce.

  HCOOH 20:18 10 Dec 2007

Last Monday I ordered myself a new Widescreen television to replace the old CRT that's showing it's age.
It appears that as I ordered a couple of other items from Amazon at the same time Goldfish Security placed a stop on the authorisations in case the card was cloned.
They phoned me and said I would need to reauthorise the telly with Amazon, which I did and they(Amazon) dispatched it on Friday.
I tried to track the order but always got the not available message,so I contacted Amazon today who upon checking have found out that Parcelforce are in the process of returning my telly to Amazon for some reason best known to themselves.
I know the Amazon tracking number was incorrect as there were 14 digits in it instead of 13 but the address appeared to be correct.
So a big Thank You to you bunch of screwups.

  Jak_1 20:21 10 Dec 2007

I think this should be on the Consumerwatch forum!

  Forum Editor 23:31 10 Dec 2007

in such an offensive way, it might be an idea to wait to find out why the TV is being returned - there may be a very good reason, or hasn't that occurred to you?

GoldFish acted quite correctly to protect your card account from fraud, and look at the thanks they get from you.

Amazon is the world's best online retailer by a big margin, and at this time of year it's also the world's busiest.

ParcelForce is also working flat out, and although things shouldn't go wrong they sometimes do. Before calling these companies a "bunch of screwups" it would be wise to be in possession of all the facts.

This is in the wrong forum area, by the way.

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