TFL Satff

  ronalddonald 19:58 16 Oct 2009

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behaving like this. Seems they can hike the prices up run no buses such as the 210 bus route that hasn't been running for several months now, and swear at passengers and be very rude to the elderly.

I wonder how many time this guy has sworn at passengers and nothing has been done and i wonder how many times his got away with it. He got caught today by someone using a camera and recording him.

  ronalddonald 20:00 16 Oct 2009

should of read TFL Staff, that's transport for London staff

  ronalddonald 20:31 16 Oct 2009

where is everyone tonight. I thought most member of PC advisor would around to hear the staff at TFL have been upto

  peter99co 20:57 16 Oct 2009

We should employ Japanese staff to shove 'em on.
They don't bother about such things.

  peter99co 20:59 16 Oct 2009
  ronalddonald 11:36 17 Oct 2009

employee shown in clip did throw abuse at an elderly man. supposing that elderly man had a heart condition or just couldn't cope and died there and then.

  anchor 12:05 17 Oct 2009

Hopefully this employee will soon join the ranks of the approx 2.4 million unemployed.

Stress is no excuse.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:46 17 Oct 2009

TFL and any other company cannot control their staff's behaviour. His outburst was nothing to do with the company. I would imagine that most scribblers on this forum have had a temper outburst at some time or other. He will be dealt with in one way or another by his employers; it is no big deal so move on.


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