Tesco+compulsory purchase order

  Chegs ®™ 14:54 21 Mar 2011

The northern approach to our town has Tesco supermarket flanked by a derelict Bus Station,a well established Garage and the Train Station.Tesco applied for and was granted planning permission to increase the size of the store and the council decided to create a "Transport Interchange" incorporating their store within its confines but to do this,the Garage must go(there is no mention in any of the plans to do something with the derelict bus station & assorted derelict bus garages/workshops)The Garage owner is rightly miffed that his 30+ years old business is being compulsory purchased especially as he hasn't been offered an alternative location.He has collected in excess of 1000 signatures on a petition supporting his garage but as yet,the council have not issued any comment other than agreeing that the northern approach is an eyesore.As a result of the Bus Station closing,its a common sight to see buses parked at the various bus stops about the town centre thus increasing congestion in the narrow streets but the council were strangely silent about the bus company closing the station.The councils planning dept are regularly being slated for granting consent for some really ugly buildings to go up,we have some rather nice georgian buildings all over the town centre yet their own offices are huge & stand out within a conservation area,a developer was allowed to demolish the original customs house(converted to a tyre depot then a chandlers who were relocated to a small yard with no water nearby as they had in the customs house)and build some "executive apartments" which are on the harbourside & can be seen for miles around.The councils planning dept earned total ridicule when they tried to prosecute a bookmaker in the conservation area for covering the windows of the premises with the exact same gold film as was covering the councils own offices and on it goes,the council planners are ridiculous.Do any of you have any gems of council craziness you might like to share?

  JanetO 15:28 21 Mar 2011

I'm all for free enterprise and for companies to expand and grow. But Tescos is fast becoming too big for its boots. It rides roughshot over councils by paying for developments which the councils wouldn't usually be able to afford. This sways councellors otherwise arbatory decisions to grant yet another Tescos megamarket or Tesos Express. It's rather like legal bribery.

I think you'll find, if you delve deeper, that this is the case.

  Covergirl 15:43 21 Mar 2011

I know exactly where you're at, and you missed the fact that they should have put Wetherspoons on the harbourside of the street to start with.

Council craziness - don't get me started . . .

  Forum Editor 15:55 21 Mar 2011

"It (Tesco) rides roughshot over councils by paying for developments which the councils wouldn't usually be able to afford."

Forgive me, but doesn't that benefit the community in some way? It's quite common for developers to enter into an agreement with a local authority whereby the community gets a free village hall, or carpark, or some other amenity in exchange for a planning consent.

There are many grounds for refusal of a commercial planning application, and offering an amenity to the community is often a valid way of removing some objections.

  john 52 16:45 21 Mar 2011

I personally think councils do not get enough from developers in the way of improvements to local infrastructure especially when extra traffic that is created by these developments is taken into account and this applies not just supermarkets but other types of developments as well but I suppose its a bit of a catch 22 as they create employment which the country needs desperately at this moment in time

  Forum Editor 17:05 21 Mar 2011

There are usually lots of complaints when a supermarket - or any other big retail company - makes a planning application.

Then, shortly after the store is opened the place is packed with shoppers. Obviously not all of them live in the immediate vicinity, but my guess is that many of them do, and many of them are the same people who complained about the application to build the place.

I'm not someone who thinks that all applications should be granted. I believe that public amenities are extremely important, but everyone wants to buy food from shops that are near to where they live, and therein lies the rub - if we want the convenience something has to give.

  WhiteTruckMan 17:26 21 Mar 2011

Me too! Well this morning actually. I was supposed to be having a filling replaced but the dentist decided I was suffering from excess pressure in the wallet which urgently needed relieving. So a £70 filling has now turned into a £260 root canal job.

But back to the subject. "There are many grounds for refusal of a commercial planning application, and offering an amenity to the community is often a valid way of removing some objections"

Is it me or is this really a long winded way of saying bribery?

Bribe, btw, click here

1. money or any other valuable consideration given or promised with a view to corrupting the behavior of a person, especially in that person's performance as an athlete, public official, etc.: The motorist offered the arresting officer a bribe to let him go.
2. anything given or serving to persuade or induce: The children were given candy as a bribe to be good.


  Pine Man 18:55 21 Mar 2011

The wording of your thread appears to state that backhanders have been paid by Tescos to the council. It's just the amount you are querying.

Are you not aware of the laws of libel and also the the fact that forums have been found liable in the past for such statements contained within their forum?

Councils frequently apply what is known as 'planning Gain' to planning applications. A legal system to provide funding for additional facilities for the community arising out of the development.

  JanetO 11:45 22 Mar 2011

...Are you not aware of the laws of libel and also the the fact that forums have been found liable in the past for such statements contained within their forum?...

That is the reason I worded my comments as such, although corruption must occur within councils.

Here's a few other reasons why I and quite a few others object to the practises of Tescos:

Friends of the Earth: "Having travelled to many countries to meet farmers it was very clear that supermarkets treated all farmers equally - unfortunately that is equally badly and it was the name of Tesco which came up time and time again. If we are to have a future as farmers and sustainable agriculture then we need to control supermarket power."
Michael Hart, chairman of Small and Family Farms Alliance.

Local shops
The All-Party Parliamentary Small Shops Group investigated the future of small shops in the UK. Its report "High Street Britain: 2015", released in January 2006, predicted a bleak future for independent shops. The report predicted that independent convenience stores were unlikely to survive by 2015 and independent newsagents were very unlikely to survive. The report argued that the social and economic benefits of diverse forms of retail should be protected. Likewise, a report by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) from 2005, Clone Town Britain, found that chain retailers are damaging to the local economy, social inclusion and local identity.

Animal Welfare
CIWF's biennial survey of welfare standards includes performance tables on a range of issues from animal transport to supermarket investment in farm animal welfare research. Marks & Spencer, with the highest overall score in the 2007-08 survey, are the current holders of the "Compassionate Supermarket of the Year" title. Tesco finished in 5th place (out of 8) in the 2007-08 survey, lagging behind M&S, Waitrose, the Co-op and Sainsbury’s on many key welfare issues. Tesco continue to source eggs from hens that spend their life crammed in barren battery cages (M&S, Waitrose and the Co-op have already ended the sale of shell eggs from caged hens and Sainsbury’s committing to do so by 2010). Over 80% of chicken meat sold by Tesco is from intensively reared fast-growing breeds that are prone to painful lameness and heart problems. Chickens sourced by Tesco are kept in overcrowded conditions at stocking densities that exceed the Government's guidelines. Many of the pigs reared for Tesco are not provided with straw or other manipulable material, in breach of EU legislation.

There's a few other people who view Tescos with distain:
Tescopoly click here
everylittlehurts click here
click here

  Pine Man 12:53 22 Mar 2011

Read my thread again. It was NOT directed at you.

  Grey Goo 13:27 22 Mar 2011

Well Tesco bunged Bromley Council £17 million in order to build a Tesco Superstore in a very inappropriate part of sunny Orpington. They demolished a multistory car park and turfed out the community nurses offices to make the site large enough. Now does a roaring trade, the traffic is backed up to Locksbottom and the high street is full of closed or about to close shops.
Welcome to Tesco town.
Bromley Council spent £2 million of this money on improving the High Street in sunny Orpington, the rest has been allocated elsewhere.
Now the buses pass each other with about 2mm to spare between mirrors and everyone has bad backs from bouncing over the raised tables.

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