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  amonra 19:26 14 Dec 2007

Tescos have seen the writing on the wall and intend offering home IT support to compete with DSG group. Today's Telegraph states they will offer support in-store and over the phone, and in customer's homes. I should imagine that any private TV serviceman and small time computer repair shops in the neighbourhood will be finished ! They cant possibly compete with the giant and it's publicity machine.

Quote "We want to help consumers keep up with the latest tends and technologies."

What does the forum think ????

  dukeboxhero 19:47 14 Dec 2007

about 8 years ago there seemed to be a computer repair shop opening on every corner, but over the last couple of years i have seen a lot of them shut down, I think a lot of this is down to the fact that you can buy a new computer now for about £400 compaired to £1500 then, Also the amount of exellent online sites like this one that offer help for free, so i dont realy see tescos offer of support making much of a difference

  spuds 20:14 14 Dec 2007

Tesco customer services and myself are on friendly writing terms. It was only recently that I asked them why it was they sold computers etc, yet they had no dedicated in-store staff capable of supplying simple information. Even the in-store customer services, advise that you contact the manufacturer for information or repairs.

  J B 20:20 14 Dec 2007

I don't think that DSG has anything to worry about, but on the other hand if Tesco gets it right who knows. What ever happens I will stick to a local computer shop in Newmarket. J.B.

  Quickbeam 20:28 14 Dec 2007

A competent small man can always compete with Mr BIG... it's called 'personal service'.

This happens in other areas ie, an independant Corgie fitter Vs gas board fitter, electric, plumbing etc. I use a semi retired mechanic that isn't gened up with modern vehicle computers, but I have the ODB11 software and laptop and help him out on this... a bit of teamwork there.

  Cymro. 12:51 15 Dec 2007

Supermarkets help customers,
more likely help themselves to even more profits. By their very nature supermarkets are apt to be greedy and will grasp every little bit of trade going.

But then your so called friendly little local corner computer shop may in fact not be as good as you think it is. If you are lucky enough to find a local who gives you good service at a reasonably price then no doubt you will stick with him.

In the end I think it comes down to who do you trust the most, supermarket or small local. The small chap struggling to keep his business going against strong competition from the big boys is just as likely to cheat you as some junior manager all out to impress his boss and make as much commission and bonus as he he can.

Most of us are at the mercy of these people. Just because they are small or large business does not guarantee anything. Do our homework before we go to see them so that at least we will have some idea of what the problem is and a fair price to fix it.

  Stuartli 13:16 15 Dec 2007

>>The small chap struggling to keep his business going against strong competition from the big boys is just as likely to cheat you as some junior manager all out to impress his boss and make as much commission and bonus as he he can.>>

That small chap wouldn't last five minutes by attempting to cheat his customers - offering them friendly, quality sales and after sales service will ensure that people will come back time and again, even if they have to pay a little more.

  spuds 13:33 15 Dec 2007

Wasn't it only about a year or so ago, that Tesco were going to introduce a whole bundle of own-name branded software. I do not know about anyone else, but I haven't seen much of that about!.

Even our local superstore seem to have very limited stocks in the computer line. Yes a few expensive 'Tesco brand' and original print cartridges, but for the rest?.

  octal 13:48 15 Dec 2007

their software is still there click here I only know this because I tried to help someone using their software.

  Cymro. 15:23 15 Dec 2007

So do you always trust all small traders as you trust the small local computer repair shop? What about the small local one man plumber, electrician, builder, car mechanic etc?.

It has always seemed to me that a good percentage of such traders are on the fiddle with something or other. It goes to show what kind of people these small traders are by the amount of cash in hand no receipt no V.A.T. jobs that they do.

At lest with the big shops you have some sort of customer complaints department, yes I know, but they are still better than anything you get from a small treader.

  spuds 11:06 18 Dec 2007

Thanks for the info and link. I downloaded the information from your link, especially the 'Buy one- Get one free'. Checked the website for Tesco stores 'holding supplies'.

Presented myself at the local larger Superstore and local Express, and neither knew anything about the Tesco software or the offers.Even the smartly dressed 'designated cd/dvd shelf stacker' at the larger store wasn't sure, and had a look for me. His final solution was to suggest another superstore, as he couldn't recall ever seeing them at that particular store!.Customer services response "If we haven't got them on the shelf, they we haven't got them!".

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