Tesco sticking it's neck out

  oresome 17:38 13 Mar 2013

I remember first using the supermarket cafes when they offered 99p breakfasts and free refills of coffee.

Tesco are now trying a different approach. They have bought an upmarket coffee chain called Giraffe and are to introduce the brand to many of their stores. Presumably they hope the image it creates will reflect well on the store itself.

Is now the time to be moving upmarket when Lidl and Aldi seem to be taking sales with a minimalist strategy?

  Bing.alau 19:06 13 Mar 2013

You can't beat a Giraffe burger with a nice cup of coffee.

  Quickbeam 07:47 14 Mar 2013

Bing.alau noses ahead in the final furlong...

  Chronos the 2nd 08:19 14 Mar 2013


You've got some neck posting that.

  BT 08:31 14 Mar 2013

*Fruit Bat /\0/*

Same thing has happened at our Tesco's.

There old cafe used to be well patronised, with a basic menu at sensible prices. Its now a Costa franchise, and my sister was told when she attended a 'Customer Day' that they (Tesco) were making more money from it now than before. I can only assume that this is because the franchise holder pays a large 'Rent' and Tesco don't have the cost of staffing and running the operation, because on a number of occasions when I have been in the store at around lunchtime the Costa has only had a very few customers sitting down, whereas in the Tesco days it was usually pretty full.

The old Cafe was well patronised as it was a meeting place where you could get a reasonable meal at sensible prices. A lot of pensioners would meet there for lunch. Now all you can get is overpriced coffee and a very limited snack menu.

  BT 08:36 14 Mar 2013

Reading the following it seems to me that they seem to be having second thoughts and going back to what their cafes were before they went with Costa.


  spuds 10:46 14 Mar 2013

I wonder if and when the bubble will burst. Tesco's are manipulating the market's, either for power or profit. In my hometown, Tesco's seem to be forcing their way in areas, that people don't actually want them. And the worse thing about this, is that some council's appear to have agreements with Tesco, that prevents other from moving in as well.

  Quickbeam 12:03 14 Mar 2013

They've taken their eye off the ball and are more interested in Tesco brandings like finance, phones, insurance etc, instead of basic priced services like the supermarket operation and in store cafes.

The fact that they seem to have been caught out more than any other retailer over the horsemeat saga confirms that the customer's satisfaction isn't their number one priority.

  Woolwell 13:04 14 Mar 2013

Tesco's priority is of course maximum profits and they cannot achieve that if they drive customers away so customer satisfaction has to be high on their list of priorities. What they seem to have done with the horsemeat scandal is that in order to drive costs down, as customers have been demanding low prices, they put pressure on their suppliers who in turn may have cut corners with the result that the supply chain became out of control. They have belatedly woken up to this and are now producing adverts and leaflets about the use of British food.

Tesco's will only provide cafe's if they are profitable. I find that ours is a good place to get a cuppa whilst waiting for a prescription.

As for Tesco having agreements with councils I think that falls into the conspiracy plot scenario. Other supermarkets will only move in where they feel that they can compete. If a town is only big enough for one supermarket then whoever gets there first corners the market.

  finerty 21:29 17 Mar 2013

neigh calling it cafe giraffe. What perks if nay will be on offer. I may have to consult shadowfax over this issue

  Aitchbee 21:47 17 Mar 2013

'shadowfax' is a fictional horse from 'middle earth' and should not be approached ... unless you are a wizard.

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