Tesco 'Green' Clubcard points

  BT 17:00 26 Mar 2008

I realised today that Tesco are not automatically giving the extra clubcard points for re-using bags, and on checking back I haven't had any for several weeks. I took it up with Customer Services and was told "You have to ask for them, the cashiers are too busy to ask you how many bags you have re-used."

This doesn't do much for their credibility in promoting the re-use of bags, and as long as customers don't ask for the points it will save them quite a few quid.

  peter99co 17:15 26 Mar 2008

My Tesco gives points everytime.One checkout gave 6 points regardless without asking. I asked for points and was told "I have already done them for you" No Problems here.Your checkout staff must be unfriendly,ours are very nice people.

  BT 17:19 26 Mar 2008

I've just Emailed Tesco Customer Services about this.
I'm getting to be a bit of a pain with my local store, I had occasion to report them for a Health and Safety issue last year

  interzone55 17:25 26 Mar 2008

I've never had any green points, mind you I rarely shop in Tesco as everything is more expensive than Asda, so I only buy from Tesco if I need something that Asda doesn't sell...

  Stuartli 18:57 26 Mar 2008

I have no problem with my card being credited with green Clubcard points at my local Tesco Extra.

  Jak_1 19:55 26 Mar 2008

I usually forget to ask and have not had them credited for ages. I did email Tesco about this last year, they replied saying they would look into it! Nothing has changed.

  Stuartli 21:46 26 Mar 2008

If anyone forgets to ask, it's not Tesco's fault.

Even if the company had "looked into it" there would be no record of how bags you had used because, of course, you had "usually" forgotten to ask..:-)

  bluto1 21:54 26 Mar 2008

And Stuartli is absolutely right.

  spuds 23:13 26 Mar 2008

I find that it all depends on the checkout person's generosity.

We always use our own containers, and point this out at the checkout. Now whether the checkout person decides to give 'green' points and how many can be an hit and miss affair. Only today, we had at least 5 bags of shopping, informed the checkout person, but noticed that she had only allowed for 2 bags. Pointed this out, and was informed "That it was to late now- I cannot do anything about it".(Not the first time).

Considering that each point is worth 1p, a few hundred 'missed' points in a day soon adds up. At least though, if you look at it with rose tinted glasses, Tesco are doing their bit for recycling. Another year or so, and there might be no more supermarket bags to recycle!.

  tillybaby 07:07 27 Mar 2008

As you probably know I work at Tesco and we are encouraged to give the green points, not every customer knows about them so of course they don't ask, having said that I work with a few people who don't do it and the odd one that doesn't know HOW to BUT I do know in our area e-mails have been sent to push push push green points,

BT I think your local Tesco is the pits.

  spuds 11:35 27 Mar 2008

Perhaps slightly off the Green points subject, but mentioned as 'pits' and Tesco customer services. I have fairly regular sessions with our local customer services counter, and I was amazed that it was nearly impossible for the in-store customer services to transfer an 'instant' message to duty managers by the official in-store complaints procedures.

Even contacting Tesco HQ, and then receiving a customer services reply from Dundee seems to be a strange way of going about things, especially as this concerned overcharging (period of a month) and rotten produce. Even Tesco's method of reimbursement seems to change on a regular basis. But perhaps this is due to the store that I frequent!.

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