terrible this is not good

  hijo 10:33 16 Nov 2006

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ur views please....

  kevinjuan 11:08 16 Nov 2006

Under funding of the police and too much paperwork. Lets hope the fire service doesn't operate in the same way.

Caller - "my house is on fire"

Operator - " How big is the fire?"

Caller - "Not very big at the moment"

Operator - " Oh Well, its logged for insurance purposes. Please call back if it gets bigger".

  vinnyT 11:08 16 Nov 2006

He should ask for a £600 (£100 stress) rebate on his tax.

  HondaMan 11:49 16 Nov 2006

Its common all over the country. I have sent them photos of traffic violations and have even seen them walk past a vehicle in the act of committing an offence. The police are losing all public respect - if they haven't already lost it!

  Jak_1 11:52 16 Nov 2006

One wonders why he left all his valuble tools in a van overnight!

  spuds 23:21 16 Nov 2006

Even if they eventually catch the culprit's, the courts and process of law will no doubt provide the plumber with even less enthusiasm.

  rodriguez 23:32 16 Nov 2006

About 10 years ago, the burglar alarm was going off at the house over the road - which never usually went off and the owners were away. My mom called the police to report it and they suggested that she went over to the house to investigate and see if anyone was there then call them back if there was. Crazyness.

  rodriguez 23:37 16 Nov 2006

Oh one more I just remembered - a few years ago the car was nicked overnight from the drive, mother called the police to report it stolen and what did they say? "Are you sure you didn't leave it in the garage?" - I thought are these people serious? Anyway the neighbour found the car later on about half a mile up the road abandoned on the leisure centre car park. Still in pefect condition, I think they just took it for a joyride. Only thing that was damaged were the driver's door lock and the ignition lock where they broke in and started it.

  Bob The Nob© 09:36 17 Nov 2006

any of you law abiding to anything slightly illegal i.e. shoplift and YOU will be done for it. But the person who does it everyweek will get away with it.

Prison Lesson #1
How to steal a car so there is NO damage to it, thus the police will be less suspicious and the owner gets it back un harmed.

Prison Leson #2
Pretend to go cold turkey and sue the prison for not giving you drugs, thus giving you loadsa money to buy drugs on the outside.

Prison Lesson #3
Pick up the dead pidgeon's so you can get your drugs on the inside, thus not giving you cold turkey at all.

Prison Lesson #4
Talk to other criminal types, thus allowing you to make friends with other people so you can do a bigger job.

Prison Lesson #5
Learn the law so you can get all the benfits comeing to you, thus when your on this big job you won't get caught!

More Prison Lessons coming soon kindly from HM Prisons.

Its a wacky world!


  ed-0 12:35 17 Nov 2006

Tis humberside police, again.

It isn't bottom of the league for nothing.

Mind you, you can easily see a police officer every day. Travel on the M180 or M181 motorway and you will see them packed into their humberside safety camera vans. These and the high performance cars hidden behind trees, also on the motorway. Looking out for the safety of pedestrians and young cyclists as the cars scream past at 70+ mph.

Then of course you can easily bump into one, between noon and 2 o'clock. Macdonalds, burger king, kfc. etc.

It would seem that they just want the easy targets that produce very little paperwork.

Unfortunately hijo article is common place in the newspapers of humberside.:-(

  HondaMan 13:55 17 Nov 2006

for them and one for us. This picture is taken at lunchtime. The driver was seen just after this coming out of the local sandwitch bar with his lunch, got into the car and drove off!
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