Terms of Endearment? (love; Babe; Hun; etc.)

  Bingalau 16:22 01 Feb 2012

I really can't believe that a woman down south demanded an apology because a bus driver had called her "Babe". I think it was in the Brighton area. If that is all she has to worry about in life then God help her. Then on this morning's BBC News program a so called etiquette expert backed her up. Is there a shortage of news?

Maybe there are people who read this forum who think like her? Perhaps I was brought up wrongly, but expressions such as Chuck; Queen; Luv; make me feel that I am back home again. I also quite liked being called "my beautie" or "my bird" etc when I was in the west country, or "Hen" when I was in Geordie land.

  ams4127 16:27 01 Feb 2012

A good kick in the backside might knock some sense into the woman concerned.

Obviously has a greatly overrated opinion of herself.

  badgery 16:30 01 Feb 2012

"I also quite liked being called "my beautie" or "my bird""

I'm totally confused, Bingalau - I thought you had been a marine and a fighting man?? I'm sure calling a bloke 'Hen' might not go down too well in Glasgow!!

  Bingalau 16:35 01 Feb 2012

badgery. When you have real friends they can call you what they like and vice-versa. Affection comes in many disguises. If an Aussie called me a Bastard I would be as pleased as punch.

  al's left peg 16:37 01 Feb 2012

I am from Geordie land and not heard anyone called Hen before. I have heard that term in Edinburgh though.

Seriously though, some people have nothing better to do than whinge about petty things in life.

Ps. How do you get a job as an "Etiquette Expert" ? I have never seen one of them advertised in the jobs pages of my local paper!

  wiz-king 16:56 01 Feb 2012

Wasn't there a pig called 'babe'?

  Bingalau 17:03 01 Feb 2012

wiz king. Maybe the bus driver was thinking along those lines prior to the alleged offence. He will certainly be thinking along those lines now.

  Bingalau 17:05 01 Feb 2012

al's left peg. Sorry maybe I am getting mixed up with "Hinnie"?

  interzone55 17:09 01 Feb 2012

Some people do not like strangers being over familiar.

There's been campaigns for years by feminist groups to stop what is considered oppressive behaviour, this is just the thin edge of the wedge, at the other end is idiots who think rape is a valid form of seduction...

  john bunyan 17:55 01 Feb 2012

al's left peg Is your wife "Wor lass"?.

  Forum Editor 18:00 01 Feb 2012

I have my youngest (26) daughter with me at the moment, and I just asked here what she thinks about this.

She says that if a total stranger called her 'babe' she would be furious. I imagine that plenty of women would feel the same way. Some men just don't seem to realise that this is the 21st century - behaviour like that isn't acceptable.

I'm sure you weren't wrongly brought up; the world has changed, that's all. It's wrong to assume that women will think the way you do when it comes to how you address them.

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