Temporary internet connection?

  rickf 09:03 25 Aug 2010

I am moving tomorrow and won't have access to the net until the 6th Sept. So BT tells me. Is there a temporary solution? Perhaps a dongle? I am taking my ISP with me. If Dongle which is best?

  Graham. 09:25 25 Aug 2010

Are you waiting for BT to install the phone line?

  rickf 09:30 25 Aug 2010

Will be waiting for BT to activate the line. There is a line already but has the previous owner's no. BT takes 10/11 days to get it up from the 26th Aug

  rickf 09:30 25 Aug 2010

Sorry. Line already activated but has to be transferred to me.

  Quickbeam 09:33 25 Aug 2010

You can use a mobile phone as a temporary modem using either bluetooth or a data cable which is faster.

  rickf 09:56 25 Aug 2010

I suspect using mobile is not secure enough as I shall need to access my financial details and transaction

  timsmith259 11:21 25 Aug 2010

Go to the local library and join them and then use their computer facilities for the time being

  Woolwell 11:24 25 Aug 2010

But I would not use any public space eg library for financial access.

  timsmith259 11:37 25 Aug 2010

I don't know would a internet café be any more secure, a dongle you might have to sign some kind of contract even the Pay as you go ones might just as expensive.

What about a neighbour or try popping down to you bank branch and do the transactions you want from there until you get the Tel line sorted out

  timsmith259 11:39 25 Aug 2010

I would of thought in this day and age that public computers would more secure I guess im wrong they don't want to spend the money to make them more secure.

  timsmith259 12:08 25 Aug 2010

a dongle broadband would work on any computer and anywhere as long as you can get a signal. but there is always some kind of contract attached to it the time you got to use it. But its useless if your going to pay for two broadband when you only use one.

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