Telewest to be bought out by NTL

  davester 01:18 19 Feb 2005

Is anyone apart from me really irritated about this? I heard recently that NTL are going to buy out Telewest in 'mid-2005', which i think is really bad personally. I've used Telewest for years for Internet and TV and their service has gone from strength to strength. Now to hear that NTL (renowned for poor service) are to buy them, i am seriously considering changing ISP! I really don't like NTL.

  VoG II 10:08 19 Feb 2005

Is this before or after BT take over Microsoft :o)

  wallbash 12:19 19 Feb 2005

Have had the service of NTL for nearly three years, and I would like to put in a word of praise for the company . I'm happy.
Yes , the phone support is hard to access, but when I have spoken to a human , have got results.
We all hear ( on this site) a lot of negitive feed back, because good news is rarly posted.

  bremner 12:20 19 Feb 2005

There appears to be no reference to this on BBC / FT or any other News sites.

Where else, other than speculation on a few web forums is this actually stated?.

  g0nvs 13:15 19 Feb 2005

I agree with wallbash's comments entirely.

  Legolas 13:50 19 Feb 2005

I have been with NTL dial-up and now BB/Cable TV for a goood number of years and in general they have been ok.

Having said that I have noticed that there level of service has gone down in that time.

One instance of this occured with me when I had trouble with my BB Internet connection I discovereed that when I went to connection box on the wall and gave the BB cable a shake it would work, so obviously it was a loose connection.

I phoned customer service to report the fault. The technician I was redireceted to asked me if the connection was working at that moment I replied that it was but could go at anytime, his response was that they could not send out a technician if my connection was working I explained it was intermittent, again he said they would only come out if it was not working.

Fuelled by frustration at this point I asked the technician that if I went to the connection and ripped the whole lot of the wall would he come out, he of course advised me not to do this but advised me to call back if the fault got worse. I never did get that fault sorted and continued having to shake the cable when the connection went down.

  JonnyTub 14:18 19 Feb 2005

Doesn't bother me so long as they leave my bb package well alone.

  spuds 15:15 19 Feb 2005

This story as been banded about for a couple or more years now. Originally it was the other way round, when NTL had slight financial problems.

  octal 16:50 19 Feb 2005

I've been with NTL for several years, since the old analog days, no real complaints at all.

  hugh-265156 00:10 20 Feb 2005

I have have been an NTL customer since Oct. 2002. In that time I have had no problems at all with the broadband service (The TV interactive service is a bit flaky at times though)Luckily I have sky in this room :-) I started off using the 150k service (I think it was 150k) then once hooked on speed, in a moment of madness (had a few beers that night) upgraded myself to 600k :-)

I am now using the 750k service after a free upgrade from NTL back in the autumn of last year. The download speeds I get 99% of the time are spot on (89-90KB sec for 750k) and always have been, I have had no problems in that respect at all. Just treated myself to half life 2 last week and I'm enjoying playing counterstrike source, the ping times are great and even though my upload speed is only 128k it still plays great, I am rubbish at it and die often though :-)

In my opinion, the e-mail service has also been excellent. The e-mail servers in my area were upgraded over a period of weeks a few months back which meant I couldn't access my e-mail from time to time. Most of the work was all carried out in the very early hours of the morning and it wasn't a big deal for me. The service status can always be checked here click here

I have rang the NTL 0800 052 2000 free support number a few times in the past, always TV related though :-) and the longest I have had to wait to get through is 10 Min's or so and this was around dinner time. The staff I have spoken with when I got through, in my opinion were very friendly and they tried to help me as best they could. I even rang this free number for help on an FTP related question once and they transfered me to tech support (normally charged local rate and available 8am to midnight) I was through in under a min and my problem sorted right away, better still I was not even charged for the call when i checked my bills.

I have heard rumors that yet another free upgrade is on the cards again for NTL customers soon, as per BT AOL Telewest etc. As far as I know My 750k service is being upgraded to 2Mb with a 30Gb per mth usage allowance. Am a happy boy :-) I don't think Telewest customers have too much to worry about. NTL have been great for me.

You never hear the good things posted only bad, sorry for the waffle.

  freaky 11:39 20 Feb 2005

I second the above praise for NTL, I have been with them some years. About 18 months ago their service did deteriorate because they had a large update program running. This caused intermittent problems mostly with email. Over the past 6 months it has improved immensely together with free increases in Broadband speeds.

I recently had a problem with their Modem, I phoned them and an engineer arrived within 30 minutes!

They have also now incorporated a Spam filter on their servers which has resulted in a 80% reduction on what I was getting. Also they scan emails for virus's now and my AVI software has not detected anything for 3 months!

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