Television Cookery programs: What happens.........

  gengiscant 09:29 12 Nov 2010

To all the pots and pans etc.
Each time you see a chef/cook on the TV the pots-pans-dishes etc are spotless.
Even the shows that are seemingly coming from the chefs own homes there is not a hint of previous use.
Are they using some sort of super dooper cleaner?If so where can I get some? Or are the pans etc disposed off in some way then replaced with pristine cookware?

To all those more serious minded on the forum,these really are not serious questions.

  Quickbeam 09:36 12 Nov 2010

I think you're right, new pans for every filming session looks to be the norn. I suspect all the TV crew have new designer pans at home. There's possibly a big saving to be had there towards the BBC budget.

  Quickbeam 09:38 12 Nov 2010

norn = norm, I don't think the Vikings cared much about how their pans looked at all.

  Quickbeam 10:59 12 Nov 2010

There is always the other possibility that the makers provide the pans for free for the viewers to see them in action for free. If that's the case, new pans for every shoot is very cheap advertising.
What's the rules on product placement?

The River Cottage bloke with the long winded name uses pans with the favourite weathered and lived with look.

  gengiscant 11:08 12 Nov 2010

The last sentence of my post,I will admit was aimed at you.But I see we must be serious for a moment.

"Keeping pans pristine is not difficult" If you use a metal on any type of heat, be it gas,electric or induction will cause a reaction over time, no matter how much you clean, this cannot be avoided.

New pans for every shoot is cheap advertising, that works if you were aware of the maker of the pans in view,my knowledge is sadly lacking in that dept, I cannot say that I have often seen a name on a pan. But perhaps you just need to glimpse some cookware to no its maker.LOL

  jack 12:00 12 Nov 2010

that holds the flavour.
I remember as an 11 year old being evacuated to Leeds- with my mother and brother- We lived with a family and my mother help out with the chores-
One day she was washing up and had the Yorkshire pud pan in the bowl- when the lady of the house came by and went ballistic - thou never washes the yourkshire pan lass she said.
My wok that my daughters gave 30 years ago has never been scrubbed clean- a wipe round and then a dry off over heat,
Its the black crust that is the flavour.

  spuds 13:39 12 Nov 2010

Considering the way our local trading standards seem to pay constant attention to many of our local takeaways. Then cleanliness is definitely not on the agenda. I would suspect that the pans have a secondary job, one of bashing passing mice, rats and cockroaches, plus the occasional rather cheerful drink riddled customer.

I do believe that on these type of tv programs, there are many minions in the background doing all the work, while 'the chef' is smiling or using the occasional swear word.

But as stated by jack, some 'cooks' will not wash certain pans and especially woks, because it returns the magical flavours.

  morddwyd 21:29 12 Nov 2010

"Wash pans nver- its the black grot

that holds the flavour."

Not just pans, and not just black.

I remember the first time we had a female sent to my department.

The first time she was on "teas" (no, it wasn't sexist, we all did a turn) she scrubbed all the mugs spotlessly clean!

Later on, when I was a crusty old curmudgeon (a bit, but not too much, like GANDALF <|:-)>) in charge of about twenty instructors and 200 students a favourite trick was to get some young innocent to wash my mug.

The whole department would then listen outside my door as the tea was brought in (Of course, I was well aware of the practice, and played up to it outrageously. I suppose now I'd be suspended for human rights violations.).

  Bingalau 21:35 12 Nov 2010

We never washed our "tot" glasses for the same reasons.

  timsmith259 21:46 12 Nov 2010

probably stick them in the dishwasher

  timsmith259 21:46 12 Nov 2010

they probably use about 3 sets

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