Telephone Preference Service & Toucan & English

  v1asco 12:20 24 Apr 2005

(Whoops- posted this in another thread which I have now closed)

The thread about Paper Mountains/Junk Mail reminded me that Toucan had not replied to an email I sent them early March about nuisance calls to my elderly father. Basically I told them he was with TPS and to stop calling.(3 times a week). I then went away for a few weeks.
So yesterday I re-sent the message. Below is the reply.

"We will remove the number from out database sorry for what has happend and would you let you father no that we are sorry for what has happend to him"

Being Welsh I suppose my English is not that good, but is the above really what one would expect from a communications company?

  Forum Editor 14:18 24 Apr 2005

I see hundreds of badly-spelt, badly punctuated business communications in the course of my work, and in many cases the grammar is horrendous.

We're creating a nation of poor communicators - people who think that it doesn't matter how badly you write, or how poor your vocabulary. We're lucky enough to have the most expressive language in the world - capable of conveying the most complex and subtle concepts and emotions - and we're quietly allowing it to atrophy. Children are being allowed to grow to adulthood without having read the books so necessary to the development of a rich vocabulary and to the ability to express themselves in any real sense - why bother, when you can text everyone and get information from the internet and TV? The thought of sitting all afternoon with a good book is anathema to the average child.

That's why your email was so badly written - the sender knew no better.

  mikef. 14:47 24 Apr 2005

Or as is quite possible the writer was based in India.

As to your problem did you report it to the TPS, you can do it on the web site, as they are pretty hot at chasing up these companies, I had similar problems with 3 who were not interested in sorting it out, TPS were very interested though.

  g0slp 17:25 24 Apr 2005

Didn't U mean txt evry1? :-)

I agree with you; there's no pride in presentation of the written word nor correct use of the spoken word. As far as grammar is concerned, that disappeared over the horizon many years ago...

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