Telephone Preference Service.

  The Kestrel 16:15 20 Jan 2012

I begin to wonder whether there is any benefit in still being registered with the telephone preference service (TPS). There has been a marked increase over the last year of unsolicited calls from British companies with call centres in the UK to my phone. I have just had a call from a company who clean ovens, who when told they should not be cold calling my number simply hung up. Has anyone else noticed this increase in calls and has anyone found a successful way of preventing them?

  interzone55 17:05 20 Jan 2012

Start taking names of all companies who call you, then report them to Ofcom.

Many on this forum swear by trueCall but I've never used it as we don't get many unsolicited calls

  onthelimit1 17:48 20 Jan 2012

Since I registered with this service 3 yrs ago, I've not had a single cold call (touching wood, just in case that's put the mockers on it!).

  T0SH 18:52 20 Jan 2012

The TPS is a very much a toothless dragon, since its inception (Pre 2004 that I know of), there has never been any UK cold call company prosecuted for ignoring the requirements to search their database before calls are placed

Cheers HC

  morddwyd 19:53 20 Jan 2012

Last time I mentioned TPS to a cold calling company I was told "Oh, we don't belong to that."

I am one of those who swear by TrueCall. Not one unsolicited/unwanted call in more than two years (from two or three every evening).

  Condom 00:15 21 Jan 2012

My phone shows me that I'm receiving an International Call, so I practice my very best Peter Sellers Indian Accent and completely baffle them. They normally hang up on me after a minute or two. Doesn't stop them of course. UK ones I simply say I only deal with reputable companies, and when they try to tell me they are I then say well then you would know we are registered with the TPA and you shouldn't be calling us and hang up. Still doesn't stop them but it is a bit of fun.

  SparkyJack 10:12 21 Jan 2012

I am TPS registered and have sent the occasional report, It seems not to work with outside UK calls however

So now I simply do not respond to any 'cold' call

Say nary a word- simply hang up

  Forum Editor 13:39 21 Jan 2012

"Say nary a word- simply hang up"

Which is by far the most sensible approach.

  Blackhat 15:36 21 Jan 2012

Call barring has worked for me for many years; it won’t connect a call from a withheld number. Most call centres use a withheld number so they won’t get connected. It costs me £1 per month and I am happy to pay as it has stopped almost all of what was previously a weekly barrage of calls.

I can also turn it off and on anytime. This part of my Virgin package.

  SparkyJack 16:54 21 Jan 2012

EEE I am chuffed

FE your response to my

"Say nary a word- simply hang up"

Has cheered me up since the couple of times have commented on something I wrote got me a flea in my ear.

  SparkyJack 17:02 21 Jan 2012

Everso slightly off topic

Condom commented of his caller display facility. My land line phone says in its little hand book it too can do this though I not so far get it to work So I wonder is it 'generic' hand book for many models or is it something I have to sign up to at the service supplier?

Also when I made a couple of calls recently- there was no answer or any answer machine/service

Yet each called back as their kit showed them I had called.

One instance was a landline number another a mobile So is it in the kit or do they sign up for it or is it both?

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