Tele2 treating me like a child; or what!

  end 07:36 22 Jan 2005

Having had the delightful and extremely courteous (NOT!) Tele2 salesperson at my front door , taking my details for the service to sign me up ( I have made a complaint to Tele 2 about this particular individual to managed to "insult " me big-time),and having got my phone line routed thru them, then the "fun" started:
I then decided that, due to my then "present circumstances " I did not wish to proceed with this, so phoned the company and was told "we will convert you back to BT immediately " and thought no more about it.

I attempted to make a phone call in my normal fashion ( yu know the way? pick up the phone, wait for the dialing tone then tap in the number and wait for the ringing tone?): I was greeted by a voice telling me "this number has been barred"; "excuse me" thinks me ,I have not barred any numbers on my phone so "what the hell "s going on" ";

tried again on a different number to be greeted with the same message; thinks again, "why am I being treated like a child and now being told what numbers I can and cannot dial from my own phone and my own line, and I am not exactly a "run-away " teanager who is going to run up an astronomical bill for my long-suffering parents to pay.";

called BT and asked them to explain what may be going on and why I have now got numbers barred;
apaprently Tele2 did not listen to my request to remove me from their services, and just carried on regardless.. barring some numbers in the porcess.and keeping me as their customer against my express wishes.

for someone to tell me, a person who owns their home and is not exactly a youngster, and who holds down a responsible professional job, that " you cannot dial that number" tempted to say "will someone please come and put my nappy back on ?"::)))

  Jackcoms 07:58 22 Jan 2005


"Having had the delightful and extremely courteous (NOT!) Tele2 salesperson at my front door"

"this particular individual managed to "insult " me big-time"

So, why did you sign up with them? Didn't the manner of the salesman give you a clue as to what the company might be like?

First impression, etc....

  Forum Editor 08:54 22 Jan 2005

rather like Jackcoms, I'm somewhat surprised that - despite your obvious annoyance, and the fact that you were being pitched to on your doorstep and insulted 'big time' - you happily went ahead and committed to a change of service provider.

Somewhat oddly, you then decided that - due to your 'present circumstances' - you wanted to change your mind. How long after the first decision was the second decision made?

Your post is inconclusive to say the least. You don't tell us what the current position is - are you with Tele2 or back with good old BT? If you're with Tele2 are you still experiencing call-barring, or is that resolved? Do you need help and/or advice, or are you simply sharing a bad experience?

None of this is really computer-related anyway, but if you really do need help we'll obviously try to oblige - just let us know please.

  end 12:20 22 Jan 2005

the current postion?
I switched back to BT once i discovered that the Tele2 had gone ahead and made the change without my permission

and "the manager of the salesperson"..??is there one (sarcasm meant and intended )

perhaps.FE "sharing a bad experience ( there is a thread on a BT issue in Helproom and did not want to hijack it)
and, in hindsight, it is not strictly "computer-related" :( although I did e mail back and forth to Telel2 my complaint against the salesperson; I am now back with BT.

and, the BT operator, when I discusssed the issue with him, commented "not another complaint against Tele2?"

it is now all sorted, I think, ; maybe my thread title should have been "phone barring numbers "?

but, the whole experience most insulting to any adult, let alone someone with a "life-crisis" on their hands and an extremely persistent and obnoxious salesperson at their front door;

  helmetshine 05:00 23 Jan 2005


I still don't understand why you bought from this obnoxious salesperson???I've been in sales for 26 years{cars not computers}and dealt with many people who've said that they'd never go back to such and such a dealer because of the way they were treated,and i'm sure other dealers have had the same regarding happens...we all have off days,make mistakes,sometimes people just have an instant antipathy towards each other...but i've never had anyone say to me that they bought their last car despite the fact that the salesman was obnoxious....had them say he seemed alright at first but didn't want to know after the sale...but not obnoxious DURING the sale....what on earth made you sign up with that person?

  end 09:00 23 Jan 2005

this person "caught" me at an extremely difficult time in my life, perhaps "caught" me totally "off-guard"; I have since had another salesperson at my door who got "short-shrift" from me who was,if memory serves, dealing with mobile phones. I already have one and, before the conversation went too far, I told him that I did not require one and virtually stopped him dead in his tracks, ; he seemed most annoyed and put out that I did not want to speak with him and started to "have -a- go" at me, ;however, it was HIS choice to knock on my door, not mine; he there fore takes what ever risk is involved with doing so including getting the short end of my tongue; my problem is that I am far too used to allowing people to "walk-all -over " me , and not challenging their intentions . I have a sign on my door which, if people would take the time to read it, states that "we do not buy or sell at this door" ; then they "complain" if they get no-where with my household.I had to point this sign out to one person recently.

I have "learnt" from this salesperson, who went "straight for the metaphorical jugular"; when someone calls at your door, they are not normally expected, and, with my household"s front-door sign, perhaps only the meter-readers would call , or someone needing to leave a parcel for one of our next-door neighbours.

why did I buy from him? I am still asking myself that question, and learning from what happened ; but a major complaint has gone to Tele2 regarding the salespersons manner and a suggestion that retraining is necessary; my anger though, goes beyond that, when I discovered that my phone then has numbers barred on it; I run a responsible household; I decide what numbers are or are not allowed to be used here and my family "goes with it"; for someone or a company turning round and telling me and my family what numbers we may or may not dial ....I am not allowed to say on forum my thoughts on that. and that point I only discovered while trying to dial a number to be greated with the "this number is barred" message, and resorted to using my mobile to dial the number.

cross and angry? and insulted...

that is putting it mildly and forum rules forbid my using other more" appropriate" language to describe how I feel about it:(

  spuds 13:32 23 Jan 2005

When unexpected and unknown people turn up at my door, and it is obvious that they are selling 'but they are not, its just a survey'. Then I point to a nice sign on the door which explains the 'Do not ring the bell or knock the door'expected procedures.I also go for their jugular first, by informing them that they must be educated due to the fact that they usually have a clipboard and a pen with plenty of literature noticable. I then ask them if their education stopped at the point of reading clear informative notices on doors. That usually solves the problem very fast.The looks from my two muscle-bound staffies may also help :o(

  end 15:10 23 Jan 2005

I"ll nick one of your muscle-bound staffies please:) (my CKCS has a too- sweet nature )
am planning to change the sign on our front door (assuming they will be able to read it);
and think I will have to acquire a rhinnosserous type skin and temper and an alligator"s mouth ::))


what angered me with the basic issue;I had a phone call from Tele2 shortly after the door-step visit, and explained to them that I really did not wish to proceed with this, and got assurances that the thing would be cancelled, then thought no more about it; I then discover that I am barred from using some numbers ;

so; who have I or my household "offended"?

have I somehow got spying tracking on my phone system;

and, I "run" an adult household and choose which numbers are or are not allowed to be rung ; so, for a company to tell me which numbers I may or may not phone; excuse me , but they are dealing with a Professional here , and I for one am most insulted :(

or; just maybe I am "too young" at my "not young" age to own a home or rent a phone line(or maybe the computer system that is behind all this is really "having a bad- hair- day")?

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