Teena Marie Obituary Error On Yahoo.

  Big L 266 17:28 27 Dec 2010


On the Yahoo opening page as at 17.20 hours on Monday 27th December there is a warm and wonderfully heartfelt tribute to the Motown artist Teena Marie who sadly has passed away aged 54.

Towards the end, the article extols great virtue of the fact that this fine Motown artist was the first white female to sign up to the label.Yahoo is wrong by quite a few years....

The first white female artist to sign for the Motown label was Kiki Dee back in the 1960s.She had two albums and a couple of singles all of which I have in my collection.I wish I knew who to contact at Yahoo to put them right.

Big L 266
(A Motown fan)

  Big L 266 17:32 27 Dec 2010


Forgot to say that Chris Clark was the first white American woman to sign for Motown in the USA. Our Kiki Dee was the fist white English woman to sign for Motown in the UK.


Big L 266

  spuds 17:52 27 Dec 2010

No contact us, or feedback page on Yahoo?.

  Big L 266 17:56 27 Dec 2010


I couldn't see one spuds. Their opening page is very cluttered up today.

Am going to whizz over for another look though.

Big L 266

  wids001 08:57 28 Dec 2010

Big L 266.

My eldest son is distraught - A big Motown fan for nearly 40 years, he absolutely adored Teena Marie. He even got me into her sounds! I love her album "Behind The Groove". She had such a beautful sound.


Info from my son for you.

Debbie Dean was the first white female artist signed to Motown in 1960.

She had three releases on Motown, the first being an "answer Record" to The Miracles big hit "Shop Around" titled "Don't let him shop around". It was issued on Motown 1007 during 1961. She then resurfaced at Motown during the late sixties with one release on their V.I.P. label. Another early white female artist pre-dating Chris Clark at Motown was Connie Haines.

  Big L 266 09:22 28 Dec 2010


wids001....I agree with you she was a great Motown artist virtually unknown within the general music buying public. I also have this 1980 album and will be playing it later.

Your lad is quite correct.As a Motown fan I ought to have known it was Debbie Dean! My Motown knowledge (or lack of it) is based on a UK perspective only hence the Chris Clark error.

You and your son might like to know I have all the complete UK Motown singles from 1959 to 1970 (and selected singles thereafter) all from legitimate shop-issued CD compilations bought down the years. The hardest to get was Choker Campbell & His 16 Piece Band version of 'Mickey's Monkey'!

Happy listening!

Big L 266

  rickf 09:53 28 Dec 2010

Actually, I believe Dusty Springfield was the first English female singer to be signed by Motown. Maybe wrong. With Son of the Preacher Man's release.

  Big L 266 10:04 28 Dec 2010


rickf....Dusty Springfield was never signed to Motown. I often wonder what Berry Gordy Jnr would've done with her 'blue-eyed soul' exquisite and expressive emotional voice with Motown.Dusty was signed to Philips Records throughout the 1960s.

She was however instrumental in introducing Motown into the UK back in the 60s with a one hour TV show Motown revue special when Motown acts were hardly known here.

Big L 266

  spuds 14:31 28 Dec 2010

For anyone wanting to know what Teena Marie (Whoops-nearly said Tina Turner) sounded and looked like, then YouTube as a good selection of videos.

If you want the cd's etc, then Amazon and eBay also have them available. Should mention that I purchased Tina Marie 14 Greatest Hits yesterday (before the price increase?).

  Forum Editor 15:04 28 Dec 2010

you refer to was transmitted in 1965. It was hosted (and conceived by) Dusty Springfield.

  Forum Editor 15:05 28 Dec 2010

that the TV special was called 'The Sounds of Motown'.

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