Technology for technology's sake.

  gengiscant 09:24 14 Jul 2011

I borrowed the post header from this months magazine's star letter from a Tony Green. He mainly talks about that technology companies do not really giver us,the consumer,what we want or come up with solutions to problems their gadgets have after they have built them and we have bought the items.

My major gripe, which comes to a head each year is compact digital cameras, where it is almost impossible to take a picture in daylight,particularly if you are outdoors, on the beach, at a water park etc etc. can it be so difficult to incorporate a simple view finder into a camera.

Both the latest PCA and Webuser have sections on compact cameras and nowhere can I read about the great difficulty you will have taking a picture of your grand child's attempt at building a scale model of Windsor castle because not only can you not see the creation, seeing anything in the 3" screen on your all singing and dancing camera, which takes incredible images indoors of objects for uploading to Ebay, but is totally useless for the main reasons for buying a compact digital camera before jetting off to the sun drenched beaches, taking holiday snaps, of friends and family on the beach.

Yes I appreciate I could put my head and screen under some sort of covering, a towel perhaps, but correct me if I am wrong,but did not a system similar to that exist in the 1900's?

So come on you people who design our gadgets, please test them with real people in real situations.Stop making gadgets that have so many functions most of us will never use or even want.

This rant was bought to you by reason of 75% rubbish pictures taken by the better half recently on holiday in the Algarve.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:41 14 Jul 2011

My other half couldn't poit the camera at the subject even with a viewfinder, I thought that a screen showing the actual shot would be better for her, wrong.

The best thing about digital cameras is the ability to see and delete all those rubbish shots without the cost of developing them first.

And yes she still has to have all her photos printedand mounted in albulms, not the same on the PC or a CD she says.

  Bingalau 10:01 14 Jul 2011

My Kodak DX7590 bought cheaper in Florida a few years ago, has a viewfinder incorporated in to it. You just flick a button to change from screen to viewfinder. I have found this is ideal for those occasions when nothing can be seen on the screen because of outdoor conditions. The camera was an upgrade from my Box Brownie..

  gengiscant 10:17 14 Jul 2011

I am not the only one who wants a proper viewfinder on cameras.

  morddwyd 10:35 14 Jul 2011

The lack of a viewfinder is not technology for technology's sake.

It's technology to reduce production costs and therefore increase profits,which always has been one of the major driving forces behind technology!

  Covergirl 10:47 14 Jul 2011

Agreed. I've got a Panasonic with a button to flip between LCD and viewfinder and I use the viewfinder almost exclusively - I sometimes use the LCD for changing settings or viewing the results.

I have another Panasonic (F30) which doesn't have a separate viewfinder and find it much more difficult to take action shots.

I'll have to drill a square hole through the case and fit a bit of perspex each side - it would be better if the manufacturers did it for us though. Surely it can't be that difficult?

  woodchip 10:48 14 Jul 2011

My Sony Alpha 200 DSLR only as a viewfinder for taking pictures. the screen is just for Settings menu items.

and my Fuji FinePix S7000 as both kind for taking Pictures plus a shade for the viewfinder, but never had to use it

  wiz-king 12:16 14 Jul 2011

That's one reason I keep my Powershot A40 - it has a viewfinder.

  interzone55 13:04 14 Jul 2011

My Panasonic FZ45 has both a display and an electronic viewfinder. In bright sunlight, or when using the camera with the lens zoomed out I use the viewfinder so as to keep the camera steadier.

At the weekend I went to a banger racing event, so took this camera to get the best shots possible. All was well, camera set up on the tripod perfectly, then I notice on the screen "Images will be stored on internal memory" and the number of shots remaining was 5. Yes, I'd left the SD card in my laptop, so I had to take photos on my phone, which has no viewfinder obviously, so I couldn't see the screen...

  Quickbeam 13:09 14 Jul 2011

What your after is available, for a price, only about a grand... Fuji X100

  interzone55 14:08 14 Jul 2011


For that sort of money you could buy a second hand Leica M3 and a slide scanner.

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