Technology Stress

  crosstrainer 17:59 02 Jul 2007

I have have just come to the conclusion, that after over 35 years at the cutting edge of technology things have got out of hand at home.

Why? looking around the room, I have two desktop pc's, a laptop and a PDA. My telephone system has three lines, two of which are VOIP one of which is BT...a multifunction printer / scanner / fax sits on one of the desks, a webcam stares at me from below the 19" screen and a wireless ADSL router completes the picture in this room. A sundry collection of other accessories including usb pen drives, Blutooth adaptors a drawer full of various connection leads, one DSLR and one compact digital camera. In short I need a holiday or some form of aversion therapy!

Anyone else taken stock of just how much kit they have? I failed to mention the tons of software and components tucked away in cupboards!

  Kate B 18:02 02 Jul 2007

I have bags of leads stashed away in a cupboard, mostly for things I either no longer own or simply have no idea what they're for. I suspect that means I have way too much kit.

  crosstrainer 18:07 02 Jul 2007

I could hold a car boot sale with all this stuff! I pass a lot on to friends like "old" mobile phones but must learn to re-cycle I could reclaim my home if I did...everywhere I look I find IT related objects...time for a complete clear-out I think.

Trouble is, I know that in six months it will be exactly the same with the next generation of junk!

  Forum Editor 18:34 02 Jul 2007

Leads? Don't talk to me about leads. I have leads, in fact I could supply the lead shop with leads.

  laurie53 18:35 02 Jul 2007

That's not technology stress. Technology stress is when the b***** stuff doesn't work for no apparent reason (usually the switch on the wall!)!


  anskyber 18:45 02 Jul 2007

My deepest sympathy.

There are some good therapists around and perhaps, if you don't mind, I'll just nip in front of you in the queue.

Regrettably the techno world does not stop at PC's and the like. My passion for music means there are three hi-fi systems in different rooms including some large monitor speakers err... behind where I sit now. Add to that surround sound systems and largish flat panel TV's and.....I'd better go to the front of the counselling queue.

  Woolwell 19:06 02 Jul 2007

I think that I may have to take anskyber's place at the front of the queue.

In our household (only 2 adults) there are: 2 desktops, 2 laptops, 1 laser printer, 2 inkjets, 1 scanner, 1 PDA, wireless router, streamer to the TV, numerous mobiles of which 3 are in use, software dating back to Windows 95, leads and more leads, an old cine camera, 3 film cameras, a camcorder, 2 digital cameras, a radio in every room (2 in one room), 3 music systems, 4 TV's (and I haven't opened cupboards or drawers yet!).

I think that I may be a hoarder.

  Pine Man 19:09 02 Jul 2007

Don't be too quick to condemn yourselves!

I am exactly the opposite and get rid of stuff far too quickly.

Most things that I find I need I disposed of the day before!

  anskyber 19:16 02 Jul 2007

I can see your need is greater than mine...please move forward.

  Forum Editor 19:19 02 Jul 2007
  Woolwell 20:39 02 Jul 2007

Forum Editor
I'm just a hoarder. I can't bear to throw out things that still work. Until recently I had a BBC B and an Amiga. Just found another scanner (we have one each) and a LCD projector (work owned). I'm going to stop before I get too embarrassed.

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