technology fails again...

  Seth Haniel 10:04 30 Jul 2008

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Qantas jet

On Tuesday they announced that the in-flight voice recorder had been examined, but yielded no clues because it was wiped during the incident.

infallible ;)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:14 30 Jul 2008

Not wishing to point out the obvious but landing a plane safely that has had a huge pressure drop would kind of indicate that the technology that got the plane down was working OK.


  oresome 10:16 30 Jul 2008

How lucky they were! It could have been catastrophic.

Has there been a conclusion to the investigation into the incident at Heathrow where the plane landed short of the runway? They were investigating fuel supply issues as the engines had cut out I believe.

  Seth Haniel 10:26 30 Jul 2008

so you'll happily fly Quantas on the knowledge that they can land a plane - but not get to the bottom of its faults as the equipment in place to solve these problems fails ;)

  jakimo 12:11 30 Jul 2008


According to the report,it was the pilot who landed the plane safely and not the technology!!!

  Pine Man 13:00 30 Jul 2008

'it was the pilot who landed the plane safely and not the technology'

I suspect a little bit of technology helped though?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:13 30 Jul 2008

'it was the pilot who landed the plane safely and not the technology'....So the pilot did it by flapping his arms then, using the heels of his feet as brakes and without any mechanical help? Amazing.


  Seth Haniel 13:15 30 Jul 2008

could get a job as a welsh reverend ;)

  Forum Editor 17:24 30 Jul 2008

and yes, it was largely thanks to the technology aboard the aircraft that the captain and crew were able to land safely.

The emergency oxygen masks deployed, the onboard data and fly by wire systems continued to function, and the engines worked perfectly. If I had to pick one aircraft in which to fly it would probably be a Boeing 747-438 like the one in question. They're incredibly safe and reliable aircraft; I've flown in them for many years, and have lost count of my trips. I'm always very happy to walk aboard, and this incident won't deter me in the slightest.

  Pine Man 18:37 30 Jul 2008

.. in addition, correct me if I am wrong, but don't Quantas have one of the best safety records of any airline?

  Forum Editor 19:50 30 Jul 2008

Qantas (I must stop calling them Quantas) has the best safety record of any airline, and that's saying something - the airline began life in 1920 as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services, hence the name Qantas.

I like their service, it's efficient whilst at the same time appearing laid back - I'm always very relaxed on a Qantas flight.

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