Technical glitch at the newTerminal 5

  TopCat® 16:20 27 Mar 2008

It cost around £4.3bn to build, was hailed as "...this 21st Century gateway to Britain and, to us, the wider world," by the Queen. Today, on it's first day of business its baggage handling system faltered, causing delays or cancellations to some morning departure flights, arriving planes and passengers. click here

Surely this 'state-of-the-art' baggage handling system, its software and staff was all tested sufficiently to iron out any hidden problems. Apparently not, as this morning's shameful fiasco showed. I would call it more than just 'teething problems', in my opinion. TC.

  anskyber 16:41 27 Mar 2008

I like the one where the baggage computer thought the plane had already taken off. click here

  TopCat® 16:48 27 Mar 2008

I agree, but I'll bet the onboard passengers watching their baggage being off-loaded and returned to the terminal were not best pleased. Thanks for putting up the correct link to this story, by the way. TC.

  ulrich 18:08 27 Mar 2008

I do not want to fly anymore. Heathrow Terminal 5 an utter failure, no excuses this should not have happened. Then they want to allow mobile phones on planes, no thank you. Also I live near Stansted.

  Forum Editor 18:21 27 Mar 2008

Don't you think it's a little silly to call Terminal 5 "an utter failure" just because there was a system glitch? The place has hardly been open 5 minutes, and technology of this complexity is never going to run perfectly, straight out of the box.

The terminal was extensively tested for some time before it opened - I was one of the hundreds of people invited to do some dummy runs - but if course no simulation can ever hope to mimic a live run in every detail. They'll sort the problems out - hopefully very quickly - and the terminal will soon settle down. I hope so, anyway - I'm going to be using it in two weeks time.

  TopCat® 18:31 27 Mar 2008

They've now suspended baggage check in altogether. TC. click here

  Doc Brown 18:35 27 Mar 2008

Bit early to be calling it 'an utter failure' isn't it after being open less than 12 hours.

There was bound to be teething problems moving a whole airline to a different terminal - it would have been an absolute miracle if everything had gone smoothly. The baggage handling system may well be 'state of the art' but the people who install and operate it may well not be!

Bit of an embarassing if entirely predictable start but I'm sure it will be running smoothly pretty quickly.

  Forum Editor 18:57 27 Mar 2008

is partly the result of staff not being fully familiar with the equipment and systems. They've trained, but not under live conditions - it wasn't possible or practical to test-run the terminal under fully-realistic passenger loadings.

BA knew there would be teething problems, in fact I'm surprised anyone thinks a terminal of this complexity can go live without a single hitch. The technology behind the scenes is very comprehensive, and that's putting it mildly.

  ulrich 19:43 27 Mar 2008

That seems rather apt in the circumstances. A Glitch does not seem the right word, BAA have only just apologised. Hardly teething problems for people who land in Paris and are told there is no luggage on the plane, and the people told they can only take hand luggage. I am sorry FE but 4.7billion pounds, it's a joke, it's not just half a dzen people affected but thousands. I don't recall this happening at other airports that upgraded.

  laurie53 19:54 27 Mar 2008

Obviously FE has more first hand knowledge than most of us, but I would never travel BA if there was any way on earth to avoid it.

All the staff I have had dealings with, which of course is a minuscule percentage, have been rude, incompetent and disinterested, and the service more suited to a third rate small central African airline.

  ulrich 20:00 27 Mar 2008

If the FE does manage to board with more than hand luggage, he wont be overcome by the toxic fumes in the cabin.

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