Teachers demand 10% pay increase

  peter99co 19:28 13 Apr 2009

Greedy? Reckless? Or what do you think they are worth?

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:29 13 Apr 2009

Judging by the abysmal standards of literacy and numeracy in our schools I would be giving this shower a 20% cut.


  John B 19:58 13 Apr 2009

May I point out that it is the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and not 'teachers' who have called for a 10% pay rise.

  peter99co 20:01 13 Apr 2009

Tell the BBC to use the correct headline not me! ;-)

  John B 20:12 13 Apr 2009

I'm not telling you to use the correct headline; the second paragraph of your link makes it clear who the 'teachers' are.

I just tend to get fed up of generalised postings (often linking to BBC pages) by people who just appear to enjoy stirring it up for a whole group of people. Focussing on the main content of the article, rather than the attention-grabbing headline is probably more constructive (in my opinion of course).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:22 13 Apr 2009

In these times of recession its not going to happen and however badly teachers think they are paid the NUT will struggle to justify such a demand.

  peter99co 20:25 13 Apr 2009

I think 10% is a joke and wonder where on earth the idiots think the money will come from. Why can't they be sensible or is it they who are headline grabbing. My reason for posting is to ask for an opinion in case it is just me who is shocked by such a stupid pay rise demand.

  gardener 20:28 13 Apr 2009

Greedy, reckless? No,a teacher has a hard job to do and he or she should be paid accordingly. Why is it that we can still pay the financial people ridiculous salaries for moving money about and yet baulk at paying a decent wage to people who actually contribute to society?

A teacher's day amounts to more than an eight hour stint, apart from the teaching there are lesson plans and a mountain of paperwork which is dealt with at home and can take up whole evenings and weekends leaving no time for family life. Believe me, I'm married to a teacher.

As for Gandalf's comment, well, a good teacher is battling against the media which revels in shallowness, freakishness and general idiocy. He or she is also trying to counteract parental apathy, the main cause of illiteracy and innumeracy.

If we don't give these people a just reward then we get the society we deserve.

  jack 20:41 13 Apr 2009

I reckon she works 48 hours a day 14 days week
Not only form work,there is Office work[She is the SEMCO for a primary school of 1000 in an immigrant rich area of north London][ and piles of work to take home.
Long holidays? - the kids might, but she still goes into work for the first and last days.
The summer six weeks - she is lucky to call three of them hers.

Which is why I endeavour to get her to come away with me some time during the year to ensure she does get a break.

Moreover- when a public service group a call for increases- we do not get very often- what the current pay rate is and how it compares with similar position in commerce.

  jack 20:43 13 Apr 2009

Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator

  AL47 21:00 13 Apr 2009

10% when others are losing thiers/taking pay cuts, pfft, i hope it doesnt go through!

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